Meet Doctor Nguyen Dang Thang Founder of No.1 Dental Da Nang

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Doctor Nguyen Dang Thang (real name Nguyễn Đăng Thắng) is a name that is no longer strange in the world of Danang dentists. He is the co-founder of No1 Dental Da Nang (at 280 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Thanh Khe, Da Nang) a high-quality clinic that has brought confident, shining smiles and oral health to thousands of people who come on.

Graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, with more than 5 years of intensive study and research in dentistry along with 6 years of professional experience. He has fulfilled his dream, becoming a doctor. with high professional skills, trusted and loved by many customers.

Doctor Nguyen Dang Thang is always aware of the responsibility as well as the mission of the medical profession, always making efforts to research, learn, and gain experience to find modern and effective methods to improve quality. the best treatment.

To become an excellent doctor like today is not easy, Mr. Thang has had to go through a long journey full of difficulties and ups and downs. Since childhood, he has loved to be a doctor so that he can cure. sick, help people.

Growing up, his passion and love for the profession got bigger and bigger, it prompted him to constantly study to pursue his dream of the medical profession. But at that moment, he encountered a barrier right from his family. His family did not support him to study Medicine because he thought that the profession was very hard and arduous and his family directed him to follow other paths.

But with a passionate heart for the profession, a burning love for that noble profession, he was determined to overcome all barriers, constantly studying day and night, It is thanks to his bravery and strong will to strive that he has achieved the success he is today, becoming a good doctor in the same room as the famous Dental Clinic.

Dr Thang decided to sacrifice his youth to pursue his dream career. That is something not everyone dares to do and do.

I really admire Dr Nguyen Dang Thang, when he first entered the profession in 2016, he was still very young, but he built his first dental clinic in the mountainous district of Nam Giang, Quang Nam province.

Dr Thang’s examination has become a key clinic serving ½ of the ethnic minorities here. He chose this place as the location to open his first clinic because first of all, to satisfy his passion. More than that, he wishes to be able to improve the quality of oral health as well as to cherish and spread the bright white smiles of the people here, especially the poor children in the highlands suffering many disadvantages and deprivations.

Understanding and touched by the difficult life of ethnic minority families, Dr Nguyen Dang Thang was ready to reduce the fee by 50% compared to the city.

Not only that, with the compassionate heart and medical ethics of the medical profession. Dr Thang has also been at the forefront of many charity works such as 0 dong examination day, gratitude for healthy, beautiful smiles and bright teeth as well as teeth. white, bright, … those programs have spread a lot of positive energy to everyone, and many people love and admire the dedication of Dr Thang. 

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