Meet Donovan J. Greening, Hustling his way to the top as an Astute Serial Entrepreneur in the Digital Space.

In a world that seems too obsessed over attaining overnight success, it is surreal to learn about all those individuals who strive for excellence at every step of their way and build their success stories without any handouts, all on their own, from the ground up.

These individuals and professionals across industries show what it really takes to become the best in one’s chosen industry, no matter the competition or saturation. Doing exactly that and rising above many other established names in the digital world as a modern-day digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur is Donovan J. Greening.

Donovan J. Greening was born in 1997 in Farmington Hills, Michigan and displayed unique entrepreneurial skills from a very early age. This is the reason he jumped into the business space at the naive age of 15 and since then has been hustling his way to the top, becoming the astute entrepreneur he is today at only 23 years. Throwing light on his journey, the young business talent says that he studied at Brother Rice High School, and while he studied there, he even went ahead in starting his two online businesses.

He entered the world of digital media when he was 15, where he started his YouTube channel “XVSound”. This channel went ahead in earning unique success for Donovan’s unique talents of taking not very well-known artists’ music and merging them with chopped movie clips, creating footage that could help the song go viral. This innovative concept was loved and appreciated, ultimately making his channel a super hit with more than 12K subscribers and over 5.1 million views.

Soon after XVSound, his brand developed into XVTech, focusing on futuristic web design and robust social media marketing. Donovan J. Greening highlights the journey from there was quite challenging, especially after gaining his first three clients. However, he kept moving on his path and attained massive success with the same.

What has attracted the attention of people the most is that while working so hard in building and running his businesses, Donovan J. Greening joined Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and became a full-time student while also working as a full-blown entrepreneur.

He dived deeper into online marketing and today has become a specialist in search engine optimization (SEO), apart from perfecting public relations, web design, and content creation for large corporations like law and financial firms. Since then, he has achieved some of the biggest clients and helped them achieve the results through his digital marketing prowess and expertise.

Today, Donovan J. Greening is the owner of “Greening Corporation”, which is rising each day as a cutting-edge digital marketing firm for modern law firms. He can’t emphasize enough how important SEO is to maximize a firm’s visibility and profitability.

Donovan J. Greening has taken the digital legal marketing niche to newer success levels as a young marketing and entrepreneurial talent. To know more about his firm, visit the website,

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