Meet Dr. Ketam Hamdan: Mental Health Thought Leader and Influencer

Although the general perception of mental illness has slightly improved over the past decades, many studies show that the stigma around mental illness still exists. It is largely due to lack of education that people fail to accept mental health disorders to be as serious as any physical illness.

Meet Dr. Ketam Hamdan from Houston, who is working tirelessly to remove the stigma and raise awareness around mental health problems through her social media influence and community engagement.

Dr. Hamdan is the founder of a private practice Brain Health and the Managing Director of Annisa Hope Center’s mental health department, which aims to provide help, hope, and healing. The nonprofit organization focuses on building a healthier community by treating and educating minds.

Everything Dr. Hamdan does is very close to her heart. Through her guidance, she ensures that she empowers others and helps them break away from the shackles of the existing belief system that thrives on ignorance.

She is an expert at taking multiple complex subjects such as business, leadership, brain science, psychology, spirituality, and eastern wisdom to integrate them into something meaningful. She makes complicated concepts so much easier and more understandable. Her outstanding academic career, including two Ivy League degrees, and spiritual depth have enabled her to achieve a certain edge over other thought leaders.

Dr. Hamdan uses her role as a therapist, performance coach, and influencer to inspire others and show them how to reach a greater level of emotional space. She guides them towards self-mastery and self-awareness, which increases their chances of success in life, work, and relationships.

The perfect blend of East & West

Dr. Hamdan was born and raised in the US in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her father is from Palestine, and her mother is from Lebanon. The unique mix of Arab genes and American upbringing has exposed her to the best of both worlds. She appears as a bold and confident white girl who embodies and exudes eastern wisdom and depth, which many are amazed to encounter.

This blend is further observed in her work too. She unites the concepts of healing through the spirituality of the East with the brain science of the West to create a whole new phenomenon that is helping her clients achieve their peace within. Dr. Hamdan uses ‘Total Intelligence Therapy,’ which integrates the principles of Western psychology and leadership with the Eastern philosophies to help you master your mind.

She believes in using brain science to explain the process of transformation, to reinforce the power of ancient wisdom and religious philosophies preached thousands of years ago for healing.

For example, she guides her clients through what happens scientifically in their brain and body when they are emotionally triggered; it helps to understand the abstract concept more concretely. She even helps her clients understand scientifically what happens in their brains when they meditate or pray, which many of her clients find extremely effective.

Aside from treating clients to find purpose in life, she also trains other mental health professionals to be more effective therapists and healers. Dr. Hamdan makes sure that she can influence, empower, and heal as many lives as possible. Because ultimately, healthy minds and healthy leaders build healthy communities.

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