Meet Drayson Little, Making big Success in the World of E-commerce and Dropshipping

What we see around us today in almost all the business industries and fields is the emergence of youngsters and young talents. These young professionals have shown the world that age is only a number and that success can be achieved by all those who dream big, leaving behind their fears and doubts, focusing on their abilities and capabilities and their passion for taking over the field of their choice.

The entrepreneurial world has welcomed many such talented beings and has given them endless opportunities to showcase to the world what they stand for and what they can achieve in their industries. Amongst these, the e-commerce space has been flourishing ever since, thanks to young entrepreneurs like Drayson Little, who have made this possible.

His name tops the list in the industry for being one of the youngest, who, through his incessant hard work, is going ahead in making it huge.

From where do we start about this young e-com entrepreneur? Drayson Little hails from Vancouver, Canada, BC and was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He completed his Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. To get into the business world was something he was attracted towards and hence in his sophomore year in the university, he began with dropshipping.

The journey was something that had him faced many trials and errors, but looking at the constant rise of the dropshipping world and having a firm belief in his efforts, Drayson Little knew that he would eventually reach near his definition of success and that’s what happened. He began with running and managing multiple e-commerce stores and since then has never looked back.

Drayson Little today has immersed himself in advertising, marketing and the e-commerce space. He had started off with selling only iPhone covers and gradually dipped his hands into many other products, which led him to create more sales and earn more profits.

So far, the youngster has already made over $2 million in sales, thanks to his creative strategies, his understanding of impulse buying and focusing on web design and providing great customer service. Drayson Little has other online businesses as well and has achieved all of this while still being in his early twenties.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @draysonlittle.

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