Meet E-Commerce Entrepreneur Ajay Kumar Prajapati

Ajay Kumar Prajapati has proven the willpower of the youth generation of India in front of the world with a positive mindset.

The digital world is going to boom after nationwide situations and what our youths do will define the nation’s future. Most of youths have decided to give up the routine 9 to 5 traditional jobs and follow the idea of becoming their boss. Ajay Kumar Prajapati has proven the willpower of the youth generation of India in front of the world with a positive mindset.

Ajay is a 22 Year old digital marketing and e-commerce expert from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has come from long way being a website developer to becoming the founder and CEO of Sitezinsights, a digital marketing agency. He has always dream to set up his E-commerce platform. Ajay has worked as calling executive in past and left the job for being own boss. And his E-commerce store has grown aggressively after that. He has used to earn from Fiverr and freelance works from internet then he spent all of his money in learning Facebook ads.

Ajay Kumar Prajapati has helped many of people over the internet and the Digital world also allowed him to helping local businesses. He has many struggling days in his life in past , many challenges and lots of ups and downs and of course, still being popular without Financial support from anywhere. He has great skills that only a creative mind can handle.

It is very difficult to find such energetic people like Ajay Kumar who is working for betterment of society. He is truly a source of inspiration for many youngsters.

Ajay was raised in Jaipur and completed his graduation with Computer degree from University of Rajasthan. Even from his school days, he was very curious on digital world and started working on WordPress websites and learned about marketing and online advertisement. One of the reason why he became a successful E-commerce and digital marketer. And he is also working on a project called as “Hit by Hitting”.

He is co-founder of and working as a freelance and providing value to the brands. He struggled in his starting days in the digital industry but that is what gained him this experience and his current position.

Gaining a deeper hand in E-commerce, his brand a record of sales worth 5 million rupees every quarter . He says that all of the game is just about product. If you provide value to customer then he will be god for your brand. Achieving all of this was just a starting for him and now he will shortly announce his own company in digital sector and introduce another brand of E-commerce.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.