Meet Eleni C, A top Musical Artist From the UK, Mesmerizing People With her Newest Track, “Black and White”

Her true passion for music and her determination to make a difference in people’s lives through the same has brought her to the industry’s forefront

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There are a few people in this world who only like to run behind their set goals and desires in life, while there are many others who believe in setting the bar higher and making sure to go beyond boundaries, creating a positive impact on people through their work.

Making her place effortlessly in the latter category is Eleni C, a name that has now become buzz-worthy in the music scene of the UK. She is known as a rising pop star for a reason, thanks to her unique sound, her infectious energy and the entire vibe she creates with each of her tracks.

Even after being in an industry filled with many excellently talented artists, Eleni C made a unique niche for herself. Take, for example, her latest song, “Black and White”, where she fuses addictive hooks with reggaeton undertones and an island bounce. Her sound also flaunts Pop vocal and contemporary R&B, which was also noticed in her previous track ‘Tug of War’. All her songs seem to have a unique message hidden behind them, another reason that has kept her at the top of the music game.

These talents have helped the extremely passionate singer and songwriter to achieve critical acclaim from being featured on CBBC ‘The Playlist’, apart from getting featured on many radio stations like BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Scotland.

Black and White, her second single, from her latest EP “Love, Lies & Life,” also underlines a message that life must be lived to the fullest and if people are lucky to find love that would drive them to the edge of madness and make them touch the heavens, then they should be brave enough to fight for it.

Eleni C’s rich tone, voice and the impactful vibe got her opportunities that drove her to the next level of success, from getting selected to represent the UK in the International Music Festival at the start of her career and winning the 1st prize in the Best Original Song and Best Female Singer categories to being booked as the opening act for fellow female singers like Fleur East, Becky Hill, Tulisa, Little Boots Stooshe, Little Mix, Alesha Dixon, Foxes. Eleni C also performed at the Free Radio Live Concert in the Birmingham NEC Arena, Pride in London and the Westfield Music Cube and got featured in a recent single ‘Understand’ with DJ/producer DJ Damon Hess.

What has earned Eleni C so much recognition and acclaim is her strong mindset and passion for being a strong mental health advocate associated with charities in the UK. Amidst the lockdown, she chose to study more on mental health and obtain qualifications to gain more expertise on the same.

Through music infused with important messages, Eleni C has gone a step ahead and changed the music game for the better. To connect with her, follow her on Instagram @elenicmusic or visit her website,

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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