Meet Elie Saba: The Major Force Behind the Success of Addmind’s Popular Brand The White Dubai

Having gone through years of experience in the industry, Saba has backed many projects and catapulted them to success.

Elie Saba
Meet Elie Saba - The major force behind the success of Addminds popular brand The White Dubai.

Elie Saba has spent years in the F&B industry and has mastered the art of creating success stories in whichever venture he gets involved in. He started his career in 2004 with Addmind which is an internationally acclaimed brand today. It started off with just one outlet known by the name ‘House of Salads’ back in Beirut, which was efficiently handled by Saba and his team.

Saba has been constantly updating his knowledge travelling places and attending various festivals to get a know how about the latest world market trends. He has always tried to bring the best of the globe to the Middle East which has worked wonderfully in true sense. A majority of night life themed outlets owned by the Addmind group have been effectively managed by Saba in the past many years he has worked with the international brand.

Saba shifted to Dubai in 2013 and has since been managing The White Dubai’s day to day affairs. The most popular destination for Dubai’s party goers suddenly came to a standstill owing the COVID situation. Most businesses, specially night clubs had to bear the brunt of the situation, The White being one of them.

Saba, with his dedicated and talented team, worked out an alternative plan and transformed Dubai’s hip nightclub into a fine dine restaurant. It’s hard to believe your eyes once you have a glimpse of this spectacular new venue that once was a popular night club. “As The White Dubai is a favourite hotspot of many regulars who have been visiting since years, it was not a good idea to suddenly down shutters, considering the loyalty of its patronage since years, so we decided to continue, albeit in a new format, which is even a step ahead than its old self.” says Saba.

Today, the changed look of Dubai’s most preferred destination is more amazing than any of the beautiful venues in the world, all due to the industry’s most efficient and exceptionally talented Elie Saba, who has been working nonchalantly behind the scenes to make many ventures a success.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.