Meet Entrepreneur and Musical Artist Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel

A talented individual who has done so much

Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel may be an entrepreneur and Musical Artist in Bangladesh. he’s a talented and dedicated individual who has established tons in his life at a young age. he’s from Tangail, Bangladesh. he’s currently a notable competitor from Bangladesh within the field of digital marketing.

Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel may be goal-oriented and much hooked into the work he does. He’s employed on what suits him and lives his life the way he wants to. He features a penchant for exploring new things in several and non-ethical ways, which seems to be right.

He currently owns his firm named Zadsmedia. Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel tried to find out about his strengths during a sort of field. Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel is currently studying computing Engineering at the Bangladesh University of Business Technology and dealing as an administrator in his company.

At the age of 19, Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel provides several services. This includes website creation, Instagram management, online handout, Google knowledge graph, designing, IMDB, and Wikipedia creation. This firm has given consultancy to several b-town celebs renowned individuals companies within the field of selling.

Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel states that within the digital world if an individual wants to achieve the success he must exerting and must fulfill all the stress of his clients because the digital world is extremely competitive. as long as an individual is in a position to deliver the specified result to clients will he be ready to sustain during this field of experience.

Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel great determination and diligence help him excel within the field of selling. during a world revolving around competition, Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel feels that you ought to make sure that you’re updated by each and each change happening within the field of digital marketing on day-to-day so that you won’t be kicked out of the competition.

He follows what he preaches also. At a very young age has achieved such a lot, youngsters draw inspiration from his success story. With the extent of effort and dedication he has, he’s bound to reach greater heights and establish more in life.


Written by Johnny Lee

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