Meet Fitness Model Jemps D Thebaud

Jemps was born in Haiti but has been residing in New York City  since 2011. Being a fitness model is one of his many talents. He is also an actor and brand ambassador for many reputable brands. His fitness journey began when Jemps weighed 225 pounds. Being 5 feet 9 inches he became uncomfortable with his weight and decided to take working out seriously.

Fast forward to today Jemps is 170 pounds and he is extremely proud of this accomplishment. The model wants to be an inspiration to others who are afraid to begin their weight loss journey. All things are possible with sacrifice, dedication and consistency.

Jemps challenges himself daily to keep his body in shape. He loves the challenge, working out has helped boost his confidence level. With his new rounded confidence Jemps has participated in many fashion shows, worked with brands and stylists from all over the world.

Time management is not an issue for Jemps juggling both modeling and acting along with his many business ventures simultaneously. Challenging himself daily to achieve new goals is something Jemps looks forward to.

Having previous roles in Haitian movies Jemps have been featured in three movies during his time in New York. Those movies are, “Wanted Dead,” “Drama of a side piece” and also “Dear Dad.”  The young talent has a lot of upcoming projects and collaborations happening in 2022.

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