Meet Flex: The Entrepreneur Who’s Tapping in With Cryptocurrency

When it comes to Flex, there has always been two constants that have surrounded his life, music, and business. Today, he mainly focuses on cryptocurrency and is now the director of strategy at Jikoro Sciences — A tech startup that is really gaining traction, and it is clear to anyone watching that Flex is certainly doing it all.

The mission goal of Jikoro Sciences focuses on innovation, solving real-world issues, and continuing to work with advanced technology. Flex brings his expertise to the table and is currently helping Jikoro merge both cryptocurrency and blockchain to provide more business opportunities and value to its potential customers. Jikoro is also constantly looking for new ways to expand its brand and audience; this is where Flex comes in. Another key component that Flex brings to the table is his knowledge of the music industry and the importance of linking music with business.

With the music industry continuing to evolve and grow, blockchain is becoming increasingly popular to support artist development, music ownership, and the introduction of crypto, distributing rights, and music access. Along with these already very impressive accomplishments to his name, both Flex and Jikoro Sciences itself are trailblazing a path for future artists, inspiring entrepreneurs, and future business leaders. Jikoro is a black-led team in the tech industry, an industry that has very minimal representation.

Now both Flex and Jikoro are trying to flip that script, diversify, and solve complex issues within the biotech industry. The most rewarding aspect of this journey for Flex has easily been meeting people from different backgrounds and all walks of life, traveling around the country to other states, and being able to have an impact on new artists coming onto the scene and offering guidance to them. Flex hopes to support innovation, grow, learn, drive positive impact, and empower and inspire people.

If there is one piece of advice Flex would leave to anyone, it is that cryptocurrency is very exciting, but it is crucial to remember to do your own research. Avoid get rich quick schemes, talk with experts in the field, attend webinars, and join free community classes. Don’t share your private information with anyone; remember, knowledge is key.

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