Meet Gilberto Rosas – The Entrepreneur Disrupting the Mortgage Marketing Industry

Gilberto and his company Maverick Media Lab have managed to serve mortgage brokers across the United States

In just the last 12 months, Gilberto and his company Maverick Media Lab have managed to serve mortgage brokers across the United States and Canada to grow their business by using an age-old method of “word of mouth” in a modern way using innovative technology and the best up to date sales and marketing practices. As a result, he’s helped mortgage businesses close more deals without buying leads, without cold calling realtors to get business and without having to go to networking events.

While attending university, Gilberto worked for 2 prestigious marketing agencies in Los Angeles. It was there that he learned how modern marketing tools can be used to help businesses that rely on word of mouth to grow their business. He then took this knowledge and experience and took a leap of faith.

With very little savings and a big dream he set out to build his own marketing agency. Through it all, he encountered numerous challenges but pushed through even when circumstances got tough and he felt like quitting.

“It was really hard at times, but I kept reminding myself that there is no courage without fear, it’s when we face our fears and obstacles that we get rewarded.”

What was even more impressive about Gilberto’s background was his upbringing. He was born and raised in South Central LA in an immigrant household. Up until the point that he left for university, he lived in a low income neighborhood of Los Angeles being exposed to challenging circumstances which rapidly grew his maturity and resilience.

With perseverance, grit and hard work Gilberto has been able to not only get out of that situation but also start his agency and grow it to new heights he had never imagined when he started. His spark that started the flame of his successful company came from seeing that there was a huge gap in the marketplace.

There were industries that had not yet adapted to using modern technology such as social media, AI technology and omni channel marketing as well as other up to date sales and marketing practices to market and grow their business.

He set out on a mission to develop not only a methodology for marketing but also systems to predictably help a business get more referrals without the traditional methods of buying leads, cold calling, and networking events. Essentially, he had figured out a way to upgrade a traditional method of marketing to the modern day marketplace.

“What we’ve seen is that most businesses are not getting the proper training or support when it comes to sales and marketing. There’s no formal training that provides up to date information on what’s working now and there’s no systems or software that’s being given to them to put them in a position to succeed with their marketing efforts in this very competitive marketplace. Businesses who understand sales, marketing and systems are the ones that win and get ahead.”

Gilberto and his team at Maverick Media Lab are now expanding their services and reach to help more businesses in industries like the mortgage industry. They have a lot of new innovative ideas and proven methodologies that they will be releasing and implementing for business to help them get ahead. From our interview with Gilberto and the many case studies and testimonials he has, it’s apparent that he puts his clients’ interests first.

“I’m very excited about everything we have in store for the future, we have a strong team and our clients getting great results so I’m very excited about where this company is headed and the impact we’ll continue to not only the mortgage industry but other industries just like it”

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