Meet Himanshu Sharma and Manish Sharma, Leading Hands in the Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing today has taken over the online market completely. Businesses have started to realize its importance and have adopted it in their daily work. Different social media tools based upon requirements are being used, and different experts from different areas are making sure to make their reach, support businesses, and help individuals around. Amidst this group of people, who hold the knowledge and understand the power of digital marketing and its better usage, there are many faces that have still not been recognized by the world. Himanshu Sharma and Manish Sharma, the two names from different spheres of life, are the best examples of experts who have been doing their work and fulfilling the dreams of many in a quite passionate manner.

Himanshu comes from Unnao, a city of Uttar Pradesh. He made his start with social media marketing in 2010, and with all that knowledge/experience he acquired with time, he has been quite a helping hand for any approach he received. In the past few years, he also entered the e-com and has created a name like no other. To describe his work, during one recent interaction with him, he said, “I love sharing the knowledge. I have been associated with many businesses who just needed an online presence and a pinch of digital marketing did seem to be quite tempting to them. Definitely today, there is one huge requirement of it and an understanding over all important tools, but who knew, the steps we were taking will be such a help for our present. Probably this is the reason why I believe there is a reason behind what we do and I will continue to take such small and balanced steps, so that many lives can be changed and many businesses can prosper.” Words like that of Himanshu’s are quite a motivation and what can one say, it is people like him who are really doing their best, and they give more than what they hold as their expectations of receiving.

On the one hand, where Himanshu was doing his job, in the year 2015, a passionate lad from Kolkata, Manish, he joined him too. He worked along with him in the field of Social Media Marketing and got into the e-com business. All clients who received the work presented by these two highly professional and qualified personalities were completely satisfied. They knew the name they were trusting and they never failed to spread a word around. For this, Manish, when asked the secret behind his hard work and dedication, he smiled and said, “There is no secret behind it. My work is like an open book. If you get it, good and if you don’t, ask. I just make sure that my clients remain informed and they know what work has been presented to them and what are we charging them for. If they have this knowledge and see transparency, they will trust or else, life is same black and white.”

As of today, Manish and Himanshu together have worked with many clients, as said above. Their knowledge in the field of SEO, SSM, and Digital Marketing, has all captured the attention of people who want nothing but the best. They have even received many opportunities, and one such is of Manish starting his journey with Meek Media and FinanceX. Even for this journey with FinanceX, the only motive he holds is to help the people manage their finances. So, it can truly be said and believed that by all means, they are grabbing the opportunities and ensuring the conversions that are beneficial for them as individuals and for businesses in their online presence.

It is very simple, if one gives their interest, dedication and hard work, the world never fails to give a shoutout, and then, people line up to know more. But generally, in most cases, this isn’t what is happening around. People like Manish and Himanshu and many such hidden talents and names have been receiving late recognition, but the best is they are not devoid of hope. Instead, they are filled with it and growing in the path, helping all to flourish in their way. A lot more hopes lie on such individuals, and hopefully, they will all serve their purpose to help the world around them and to create better future.

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