“Don’t be afraid to fail, it is not the end of the world, it might be the first step towards learning something new and getting better at it.”
This was quoted by a famous American actor Jon Hamm. He explains the fact that a person should never fear failure, rather he or she should take it as a challenge and accept it the way it is and move forward in his or her life. Now we have with us the Hollywood film industry sensation Niko Gunn A.K.A. NK3. He is an all-time model, actor, and fashion designer.

He has achieved many goals he desired for like he has his very own hashtag on Instagram and runs a certified clothing business called NK3 Designs. He also has his merchandise page on Instagram as #nk3collection 🖤☯️. He is also a full-time model for a Canadian Luxury Watch Brand named Davincixxi (Instagram: @davincixxi). People can use his promo code “NK3” to get 15% off purchases on www.davincixxi.com. He has also been exclusively invited by American Eagle to take a VIP Experience tour in their store and he has also signed his autograph for them.

Niko Gunn has also starred in a Hollywood film named “Envy” directed by Elijah Garcia with her co-star DJ Battle. It is about an emotional roller coaster ride of two young African – American high school kids Able and Cain. They are competitive towards each other. They are competing with each other as Athletes and as Brothers. Cain is more jealous than Able and it consumes his life personally and as people praise able more he gets disturbed and desperately wants to escape the shadow of his brother and very eager to get the spotlight he deserves.

He also shares his future goals and aspirations like becoming a millionaire movie star, and a top-notch model for all the prestigious brands in the world. He also talks about purchasing a big mansion with a nice-looking pool with his beautiful wife and two sons. He also aims to open an offline store of NK3 Designs, that store will have a collection of artwork and photos. He also has his retirement planned out like owning an art business for the next generation as he aims to have generational wealth, success and to live up to the Gunn family name. Every day he strives hard to be the greatest version of himself and he believes in his capabilities and talents. He also quotes that the world is waiting to see his potential.

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