Meet Hollywood’s Go-To Psychic Medium and Renowned Author Normalizing The Paranormal

While psychic mediums can often be thought of as a far cry from the norm of Hollywood, one psychic medium is making her name as Los Angeles’ go-to psychic medium, there to shine a light on the paranormal realm. Her work as a psychic medium, tarot reader, and all-round good witch practitioner has gained a huge amount of attention in recent years, with her unique insights bringing clarity to things most of us cannot begin to understand. 

Becoming Hollywood’s go-to psychic medium

Patti Negri, the renowned psychic medium, has gained notoriety over the years with her TV appearances on Travel Channel’s #1 show, Ghost Adventures. There she joined Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley as their go-to psychic medium taking on some of the most haunted locations in the U.S. During these episodes, Negri would pick up alarmingly accurate information on ghosts and other worldly entities, providing a set of eyes into a realm most of us cannot see.

Yet although Negri is often best known for her appearances on Ghost Adventures, she has made many appearances on other TV shows such as TFIL, and Workin on It with Meghan Trainer & Ryan Trainor, and Portals to Hell with Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman. Furthermore, Negri has made appearance on other top TV shows like Master Chef, America’s Got Talent, and Jeff Lewis’ Flipping Out with her TV appearances have now racked up over one billion views collectively. 

Negri’s network is far-reaching with her work tying her to some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. Conducting seances on radio, film, and TV, she has worked with celebrities such as Emma Stone, Jon Voight, Martin Sheen, and Gregory Hines. Here we see Negri provide each participant with a chance to summon a specific spirit. Negri believes that spirits are all around us and that everyone is capable of communicating with them.

‘The Witching Hour’ provides an outlet for paranormal topics

Besides her appearances on TV shows, Negri’s own podcast The Witching Hour with Patti Negri has achieved success in its own right. There she sits down with a variety of guests, some of the most renowned in their fields, providing insights into diverse topics. The topics covered include all things from the paranormal, astrology, past lives, naturopathic medicine, and many witch and magick discussions. The podcast has recently been added to Paraflixx, one of the largest paranormal streaming networks in the industry and can also be heard on nationally syndicated radio with Adam Corolla, Jason Ellis, Mancow Muller, and Coast to Coast with George Noory.  

Providing practical advice to help people

The Good Witch of Hollywood, as she is often referred to, is also a best-selling author with her book Old World Magick For The Modern World: Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Balance, Empower & Create a Life You Love gaining first-class reviews. The book aims to offer practical techniques to help people shift their energy so that they can create the life they want.

Negri says, “While you can’t control everything around you, you can control how you react to the things around you—and that changes everything!” 

The teachings can be applied to all areas of your life from work, family, relationships, and in the home with life-changing spells, rituals, and potions that can be done with things you have on-hand at home. 

Final thoughts

Negri was voted #1 worldwide psychic, tarot reader, and good witch/magical practitioner by Times Square Press, with her work gaining an increasing amount of attention worldwide. Her work continues to provide insight and clarity into the paranormal, and to spark a discussion that says there is more out there than what our eyes can see. Yet, what is most captivating of all is how her connection provides a bridge from the normal to the paranormal, bringing together these contrasting worlds.

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