Meet Intelligence Automation Expert, Deepak Chandran

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Deepak Chandran is the President & CTO of Iris Energy LLC. He’s a prime example of careful, hard work, and is the American dream personified.
Iris Energy is a New Jersey-based company that builds products with intelligence built in to cater to any discrete or process manufacturing industry globally.

Iris provides a complete ecosystem for any industry to manage and operate their processes and plants without any proprietary or closed systems, and is remotely installable and configurable.

Early in his career, Deepak worked from being an innovator and daring to dream and do things which his colleagues and business did not believe were possible.

“With conviction, self-leadership, and motivation, I was able to persuade and look out for opportunities with business and people who would have similar thoughts, and when you look for something deeply and with conviction you will find it, and I found mine.

I have been lucky enough to hold good positions and titles to commensurate with the job that I was entrusted with and made quite a lot of disruptions in the field that I was involved in. I was successful in most of my attempts, and always stuck to my core proficiency of innovation. I have helped build organizations for business, funded and built several of mine, been involved in obtaining venture funds for my own and other startups.

Deepak took office of Iris Energy in 2015. “I realized due to my foresight and vision to think where others do not dare, and I realized we were sitting on excellent products and services, some very futuristic. We were just in time to deliver and keep the wheel of success ongoing to help the communities and industries we serve, and more broadly, the people among them. I realized we had a deep responsibility to our environment and our planet.”

Deepak’s world is industrial automation, and he has significant thoughts on where this world is moving. “The future of Industrial Automation has already moved beyond “industry 4.0” to “industry 5.0,” which is now in the adoption stage. Human collaboration with robots or human-centered interaction with robots will be the new wave. I had envisaged and predicted this a decade ago and Iris’s website front page already visualizes this.

Robotics and cyber-physical systems integration within industrial product/process will become a de-facto requirement for products or services of the future.

Voice as a key biometric input will drive and form a major noninvasive PII (personally identifiable information) when factored with zero knowledge proof-based systems to give rise to a lot of interesting methods to perform commonly performed transactional authentication.”

In the next five years, Deepak personally see myself inventing and contributing to the society with Industrial and Aquaculture/ Agrotech/ Environ/Specific Health Tech and Industry 5.0-related products and Platforms. Deepak also sees that IRIS Energy will also see traction and grow to be a leading player to provide Industry 5.0-enabled experiences, products, and systems.

“Iris has grown 100 percent year over year since its operations in the USA, except for the year 2020, and we see triple digit growth in the coming years. We want to add more human resources, and thus contribute to the economic growth within the USA, and accelerate manufacturing to be self-sufficient and thus contribute within our society and community.

Iris has significant potential orders and offers from its various customers globally, thus making us focus on scalability building. It’s a challenge of growth and I am confident that we will be able to surpass and overcome this challenge, too.

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