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Isaac Gutierrez

Isaac Gutierrez, better known as .irg, is a recording artist focusing on creating music that explores a wide range of influences. His sound blurs the lines between Lo-Fi, Pop, and Indie music.

Still, as much as his songs are incredibly catchy and captivating, there is something about .irg that’s even more striking: the story of his life, the journey that allowed him to become the artist, and the person that he is today. Sit tight because this is going to be a wild ride.

.irg was born in Queens, NYC, on July 27th, 1997.  However, his family left the Big Apple and started a new life in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, not far from the beating heart of Amish country. As it would turn out, his family raised him in a music-cherishing home.

His parents and younger brother were all big music lovers, and he had the opportunity to discover great sounds and melodies from a very early age. It didn’t take long before he fostered an interest in writing lyrics and poems, eventually turning into full-fledged musical compositions.

However, for several years, music was mostly leisure for .irg. He focused on other matters, such as earning his degree in communications and marketing in 2020 and working hard to support himself, including working as an egg-packer at the young age of 15. Always ready to show enthusiasm and a strong work ethic, .irg esteemed the game coordinator position at Dutch Wonderland Family Park

Later, he joined Angelo’s Soccer Corner, where he worked as a sales clerk. His zeal and ambition did not stop there; .irg took up a position at Gold’s Gym as the world of sports became more prevalent to him. He even became a soccer referee, working at the Red Rose Indoor Soccer Arena

In his twenties, .irg added even more professional ventures to his diverse career:  working as a waiter and becoming a director of communications at Reality Church in Lancaster. To top it off, he became a Project Assistant at L&L Construction in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. This professional background is astonishing, and it is safe to say that .irg has experienced more professional diversity at his young age than most people would ever participate in an entire lifetime.

Regardless of the goal, .irg always succeeded because of his positive outlook and his incredibly driven behaviour, which would earn him applause and responsibility wherever he’d go.

Musically, his path launched when he decided to visit his local Guitar Center and make one of the most rewarding investments he would ever make in his career. .irg dropped his hard-earned cash on a pair of JBL speakers, audio interface and other studio essentials to kick off his journey.

After discovering Logic Pro and versing himself,  he began to capture and bring his expressions to life.  He could use midi, find unique chord progressions and harmonies, even without the necessary music theory. With the magic of modern music tech, .irg could finally release his inner musical gifts and offer his creative yield to the whole world.

In 2019, he released a song titled “Pick up the phone.” The track is the earliest record available in the .irg discography, and it feels like the perfect prologue to what he stands for as an artist. His sound is all about creating buoyant melodies and energetic hooks but still offering a warm and diverse vibe that’s fascinating and intimate.

The track immediately allowed .irg to launch as an artist and share his music with a wider international audience. His follow-up single, “New Jersey,” was considerably thrilling, prompting the crowd to latch on to this track and provide .irg with overwhelming enthusiasm and backing.

The song amassed over 400.000 streams on streaming platforms, and it is still going strong to this day. Later, the artist topped it off with the album, “Too Much To Type,” which is one of his most personal projects, mainly because it deals with his personal experiences graduating from college.

As many would discover, these years tend to be the most difficult times for the vast majority, especially artists, because many are plagued by uncertainty, not knowing what to do with their life. Thankfully, he put his trust in God’s way, and as we have seen earlier on, he reaped an amazingly diverse career and a musical gift to share with the whole world. His story is proof that if you trust in the Lord, everything will work out.

However, you also need to treasure Christ’s guidance and put your heart and God-given mind in service of your future, your faith, and the people you love. .irg managed to accomplish all of this and much more.

Musically, he continued to explore Christian themes and discuss faith and personal themes in his music.  .irg went on to release an impressive array of well-received songs throughout the years. He even managed to remain proactive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, using his creativity and musical vision to keep bringing people happiness and hope in one of the most challenging periods that humanity had to endure in recent times.

While his style colours out of the lines, .irg has something extraordinary and distinctive that makes his music special. His songs are as deep as an endless horizon, gazing outwardly into a warm feeling of brilliance and love, crowned by a soothing blend of hopeful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. His music comes from a deeply personal place, and there is ample technique sewn into his artistry that goes into his process of crafting outstanding records.

Although .irg has ticked many boxes in his career, this year is another beginning, and there is so much in store for this one-of-a-kind talent, who keeps inspiring others and seeking inspiration wherever God might take him.

When not busy working or making phenomenal music, .irg loves to spend time with his lovely better half, Julianne Gutierrez, who he married this year.

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