Meet Ishu Preet Singh – the Youngest Digital Marketer and Influencer From Kashmir.

To come out successful in the increasingly wide field of digital world you need to hold inside an ocean of patience, perseverance and power to deal with bad market days. Ishu Preet Singh the youngest digital marketer has mastered this at close range. At the age of just 12, Ishu started his expedition to the digital marketing world, and with all his unwavering potential and determination he is now known as the founder and CEO of his “Smarter Circle”. Reaching into such victorious heights Ishu happened to come across priceless lessons throughout the expedition, which made him a good digital educator and better human being.

Now considered to be one of the youngest digital entrepreneurs, Ishu’s never give up strategy and persistence has made him more successful than any other person from his work field. In this exponentially growing field those who can inject their consistent efforts will withdraw benefit others, says Ishu.

The ever increasing utilization of the internet for every business to expand and outreach to more masses has turned indispensable and all owning to the internet, this digital marketing is now one of the biggest business platforms in the world and this is where our youngest digital marketing genius has come to limelight.

But the road to the place where I stand now in the digital marketing didn’t appear as a piece of cake to me rather I had to chew down the hardest chunks at times, say Ishu Preet. Utter dedication and a goal-centric mind is much demanded throughout the journey, he further adds. This hard work and dedication has won him a large number of clients including artists and many company owners.

So for every aspiring digital marketer, this visionary digital star is a sheer motivation and a leading light. Learn from this genius how to stay focused and be a positive vibe emanating person for people around you.

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