Meet Jacob Levinrad: Taking the Dropshipping World By Storm

For those looking to quickly make a few bucks in what has quickly become an uncertain economy, look no further than the entrepreneurial expertise of online digital sales guru Jacob Levinrad (@jacoblevinrad).

Levinrad, an online business builder with a history of helping thousands of individuals learn the art of online dropshipping, has built a personal online sales business that brings in over  $250,000 in revenue in as little as six months. This digital sales guru has cornered a niche market in one of the most unbelievable ways imaginable: he has amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars as a high schooler!

Levinrad, the founder of the online dropshipping master class Ecom Jacob, has helped online entrepreneurs around the globe learn how to master the growing online sales process known as dropshipping. His online courses are built on the concepts of helping online sales professionals master the art of dropshipping through a variety of methods:

Capitalize 0n Online Automation Through Shopify

Levinrad will be the first to admit that automation is the wave of the future. When it comes to dropshipping, having the ability to utilize online platforms such as Shopify will ensure that you can quickly respond and fulfill online orders with ease – quickly increasing your online earning potential. With Ecom Jacob, Levinrad teaches users how to build their personal Shopify store and utilize automation to quickly build their sales potential.

Generate Sales from New and Returning Customers

A key to successful dropshipping is the ability to capture new customers and keep them coming back for more. With Levinrad’s experience and expertise, dropshippers are learning how to corner the market by building a large new client base while keeping their current clients returning time and time again for quality, rotating products that they will love.

Powerful Social Media-Driven Marketing

In the online marketplace, a robust social media presence is key to ensuring online success. With so many users shopping while they scroll, developing an online marketing strategy that utilizes social media advertising can help dropshippers ensure that they reach their target demographic while converting potential customers into loyal clients. With Levinrad’s Ecom Jacob program, users learn how to build social media advertising plans that work.

Personal Store Branding

When it comes to building a successful online store, branding is vital. A great brand can help you stand above your competition and ensure that buyers pick your services over other sellers. However, building a brand requires a bit of creativity and online acumen. Levinrad uses his experience building unique, value-added branding methods to help his students achieve market success through personal branding for their online stores.

Formulas for Dropshipping Success

With Ecom Jacob, Levinrad has released some of his most successful dropshipping formulas that guarantee quick success. With dropshipping, users can avoid the overhead costs and headache of holding stock in-house by fulfilling orders directly through third-party wholesalers around the globe who deliver quality products at unbeatable prices.

By following Levinrad’s formulas, dropshippers can enjoy profit success by beating the market and selling successfully to a variety of buyers online.

Ecom Jacob – A Leader in Online Dropshipping Expertise

Never satisfied with the status quo, Levinrad has built beyond his dropshipping empire to increase his earning potential with Ecom Jacob. As users graduate his online master class in dropshipping, they have discovered the ability to create and scale a successful online dropshipping business that actually works.

Not only will users enjoy the insights of Levinrad’s years of experience in the business, but they will also have 1-1 mentorship access, bringing Levinrad’s expertise home for many users. With a community-based learning model, Ecom Jacob is changing the game when it comes to how dropshippers build their businesses.

From building your own online sales site through Shopify to instilling digital marketing skills that help your business rise above the competition, Ecom Jacob is quickly becoming one of the most influential online courses for those seeking success in online sales industries.

Want to learn more about Jacob Levinrad’s story, and how you can build your own empire using his tools and tricks? You can learn more about Levinrad, and see some of his latest success stories and tricks for gaining a competitive edge selling online by following him on Instagram and by visiting his eCommerce master class online.

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