Meet Jaliel Thompson, a sought-after life and business coach and a visionary the world needs to know more about.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we would see how the different business industries and fields have seen massive developments and growth over the years. Of course, technology has played a huge role in this; however, one cannot go without crediting the relentless drive and efforts of certain professionals and entrepreneurs who have made all of this possible.

Some of these rare gems, who are also coaches, have made more headlines not just because of their massive success but most importantly for the success they helped gain others through their work. We came across one such high-performing professional, life, business, and executive coach, a visionary and named Jaliel Thompson.

He is the proud founder and CEO of Thompson J. Enterprises, LLC, under which, as a coach with his DBA Jaliel Thompson Coaching has turned people’s lives for the better and have taken them from broken to success, zero to six figures, and from average to abundance.

Let’s have a quick conversation with him and discuss his journey.

• Tell us something about you to our readers, something that they don’t know.
Well, I have always been an ambitious guy who wished to be a part of the entrepreneurial world and in the journey provide value to people to impact their lives. As a Native American today, I am an example of a character philanthropist in society.

To pursue my dreams and profoundly impact people, I became a Certified life strategist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, visionary, financial advisor, Fashion Connoisseur and model. What I want people to know is that more than anything, I believe I am a solver for problems and fixer of circumstances, where I find what is broken and strategize solutions for success.

• When did it all start?
At a very early age, when I knew I was different, but the world used my difference against me, forcing me to create my own reality with false hope. When I birthed the “why” to help others that were struggling, I decided to start with coaching and mentoring them.

This led me to eventually start my coaching company, where I work with men, women and their families, mentoring, counselling, and coaching them for over 10 years. Gradually, I also began my journey in other arenas like modelling, acting, fashion styling and entrepreneurship.

• What are your upcoming plans?
I am thrilled for completing my book titled ‘Winning with a Losing Hand’, which is about helping all those who are struggling in life with bad circumstances. The book will help them win through my experiences, practices and godly principles.

• You have also been featured much in the press; how do you feel?
It feels surreal to know that my efforts have been recognized, but I feel this is because I love what I do. I have been featured much on the press because of the success stories I have been able to create, like helping a nursing aide go from minimum wage to 6 figures in 90 days.

After knowing all her challenges in life, we broke every stronghold off her life, coached her and got her near her definition of success, and since then, her life has transformed completely.

• Why are you doing what you are doing?
Simply to empower, educate and enlighten people in all walks of life and through my one-on-one and online coaching transform their lives for the better.

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