Meet Jen Peters – A Holistic Coach and Multidimensional Healer

Ascension the Whole Journey LTD. is a global coaching business that helps clients dissolve hidden blocks deep within their subconscious mind, heal their inner child, dissolve codependency, and heal following narcissistic abuse so they’re free to achieve success and purpose in their relationships, career, and within themselves.

Who is Jen Peters

Jen Peters (@jenpeters_soulguide_healer) has been in service and business for over 6 years, specializing in dissolving trauma within the subconscious mind. Jen shares “It’s here that true transformation takes place. My approach is a multidimensional approach which means that we’re able to facilitate and activate your healing and expansion on many levels. My own personal healing journey and self-discovery awakened me to my life purpose, which is to serve humanity.”   

Jen continues “This mission has manifested into a large global healing community and allows me to help others to dissolve hidden blocks, heal their inner child trauma, dissolve codependent patterning, and heal following narcissistic abuse, which is also the path I have personally walked.” Jen Peters is the founder of Ascension The Whole Journey and follows the teachings of conscious entrepreneurs such as Gerard Adams, Leaders Create Leaders, and Marie Forleo.

What Does Success Mean for Jen

According to Jen Peters, success is guiding her clients’ to move well beyond their limiting beliefs and blocks that have held them back for decades and accelerate their healing so they can finally experience the deep transformation and self-actualization that’s available to them.  They’re free to achieve success and purpose in all areas of their life. 

Jen explains “The more aligned we are with our true life purpose, the more inspired and energized we are and the more easily our life flows as a result. I’m extremely grateful to say that it’s rare for me to experience hard times anymore. However, in the past, I would remind myself of my ‘why’.  I’d review my workload, release what I could, and refocus on the most important and impactful tasks. I’d also create space to deeply connect within myself through various forms of meditation and inner work, thus finding my balance and flow again.”

What Sets Jen Peters Apart from the Rest

Jen believes that creating and activating meaningful change in the lives of others is the path to achieving success and fulfillment in life. She shares “My business is unique in that I use a blend of traditional modalities and multidimensional and quantum healing techniques that work. The results are powerful and proven. My approach allows us to go much deeper than traditional modalities.”

Jen continues “We’re able to dissolve hidden blocks at the origin, deep within your subconscious mind, and activate healing and your expansion on many levels. The result is that the areas where you were once triggered or held back, literally dissolve so you’re free to achieve success in your relationships, career, and within yourself.”

To be a successful entrepreneur requires conscious leadership, a solid sense of purpose, clarity around what your unique gifts are and how you wish to share them with the world. Jen believes that in order to succeed as a mentor and healer, a burning desire to create meaningful change in the lives of others and a story that inspires change in the minds of others is necessary. 

Jen Peters creates a sacred container of higher consciousness where her clients are seen, heard, and understood – often for the first time. She connects deeply with those she serves and is passionate about creating meaningful change in the lives of others so they can achieve their highest potential and live an extraordinary life.

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