Meet Jiten Thakkar: Founder of Local Forever Who Is All Set to Get Local Businesses Online

Be it a multinational business or a startup, having a business website is now a necessity. It is costly for small-scale companies and startups to invest a lump sum amount to build a website.

Due to the pandemic, many startups and small companies faced huge losses as they did not have their business websites. The problem caught the eye of Jiten Thakkar, an Indian entrepreneur, and digital marketer. The entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in the field of marketing launched Local Forever to help businesses use the power of Digital Media and establish a strong brand.

What Is Thakkar’s Vision?

The Digital Marketer, entrepreneur, and CEO Thakkar noticed that many startups suffer significant losses due to not having an internet presence. Hence during the pandemic, he came up with Local Forever, which helps small companies to have a digital presence and thus grow.

Thakkar’s deep understanding of what type of support small businesses require has ensured Local Forever is blooming despite the pandemic. This experienced digital expert offers complete website solution at reasonable prices for new & old enterprises.

Another reason which ensures Thakkar’s success is the fact that people trust him and his business to help create a social media presence for them. Local Forever’s main aim is to promote local business growth. It functions as a local business directory where enterprises list their business to increase exposure. Furthermore, it also provides total website solution for offline companies with affordable and unique subscription-based models to get their business online.

Many offline and small-scale businesses did not survive the pandemic. Thakkar observed that such enterprises did not wish to go through the hassle of investing in Digital Marketing services or a website to sell their goods and services. Thus the concept of subscription-based Digital Services got introduced.

Upon the importance of Digital Media, Thakkar, in his book Marketing Digital Marketing: Secrets of Successful Digital Marketers, says, “The new trend for established brands as well as startups that want to make a mark on social media. Especially in & after this pandemic, people would easily have an instant connection with the brand that is creating content to serve their audience in these times. Time spent on social media sites has drastically increased recently, and a business must be available and active on platforms where their customers are spending the most time. For any business, brand recognition is a great achievement. It shows that the company offers products and services that clients need and trust.”

Building a website is an expensive job as it requires various components to be successfully running. There is a hassle of buying a domain name, then a hosting name, and designing the website, and all of this gets done from different places. Not only that, but small enterprises also struggle with having a lump sum budget that they could invest in getting their business online. With Local Forever getting your online business has now become hassle-free and pocket friendly as well.

Having a major in marketing, Thakkar knows what works and what does not and tackles marketing problems with excellent efficiency. He understands the needs and wants of small scale enterprises and knows how he can provide support. Hence, Local Forever provides Website Building Services such as hosting, SSL, designing, in economical subscription packages.

What Advantages Does Local Forever Offer to Traditional Businesses?

One might wonder how local businesses can benefit from having a Digital Presence. Here is how Local Forever helps local businesses thrive despite the pandemic:

Helps Reaching Customers Worldwide

Most local businesses confine themselves to specific limited markets, not realizing that they will attract customers from every part of the country or even world by taking their company online. Local Forever helps set up a website that practically means that the business is almost open 24/7 and brings greater profits.

More Promotion of Traditional Businesses

 Some traditional businesses think that taking their enterprise online means shutting down their office. However, that is not the case as having a website, or any other Digital Presence generate leads and increase visibility in a demanding market. E-commerce, especially during the pandemic, saw a boost, and Thakkar wants local companies to have Digital Presence in a flexible and hassle-free way.

Better Customer Support

With a traditional brick and mortar business, it gets relatively difficult to keep in touch with your customers and receive feedback. Operating your business online helps improve customer relationships and helps increase the company’s credibility. With Local Forever’s pocket-friendly website plans, having better customer support got easier for startups and small scale businesses.

The Takeaway

Taking your startup online through the powers of Digital Marketing comes with advantages. But the problem that arises is that even for a Digital Presence, one requires a substantial amount, and that is not every body’s cup of tea. Through Local Forever’s easy on pocket, subscription plans, it is easier now to get a website for your business or brand. Furthermore, it is safe to say that Thakkar’s Local Forever is here to stay in the long run.

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