Meet Jmc Bugatti, Raring to Reach the Top of the American Music and Rap Scene

Also known as Gatti, the young rapper’s passion and commitment to music have earned him great recognition and projects so far.

The more we look around ourselves, the more we would find people who are driven by their aim to make it huge in their areas of interest and, in the process, are ready to give it all for reaching their definition of success. This passion, love and madness have turned many ordinary individuals across industries and fields into extraordinary success stories. These people, especially youngsters, have gone ahead in inspiring many other young talents in the world, instilling in them more hope and positivity to believe and then take on their dreams. The music industry is one, which has so far welcomed many new talents, but only a few have gone ahead in creating their unique niche. We came across one such rising rapper and musical talent from America named JMC Bugatti (originally Jeremiah McLaughlin), aka Gatti, who has astounded people with his rapping talents.

Right since his childhood, if anything that attracted JMC Bugatti the most, it was anything and everything related to the music world. For creating an outlet to express his thoughts, beliefs and dreams, JMC Bugatti turned towards rapping at the naive age of nine. Imagine a kid raised in North Carolina, growing up with a certain passion in heart, becoming one of the prominent names in the rapping world of America. This is the true story of JMC Bugatti, who believed in his dreams and achieved them all.

At 25 years, he moved to Bay Area and currently resides in LA. For JMC Bugatti, hip hop is not just an art form but a lifestyle. He grew up listening to legendary artists like MF Doom, J Cole and Nas while roaming on the streets of Greensboro, Tre 4, Winston Salem and High Point, North Carolina. Since the year 2015, JMC Bugatti has released nine projects, which has so far earned him more than 1 million streams across platforms. His most acclaimed and appreciated project has been The fall of P, produced by Vandes Jackson.

One of his other notable projects has been the Kakushin series, both tapes produced by the founder of the Kakushin Label, Nascarr. What has helped Gatti stand apart from others in the industry is also the fact that he engineers all of his projects and has earned a production level like no other. Last year, Gatti released six projects and yet again exuded his passion and high-level talent in rapping. Not just that, Gatti has also organized multiple live shows in LA, which has further propelled him forward in the industry.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.