Meet Johnny Marines, the Music Mogul Rising in Real Estate as a Successful Investor

Looking closely at the world around us will let us know how different business industries have produced highly talented beings and how these individuals have been taking their respective fields to greater heights of success with their commitment, innovativeness and perseverance and out of the box thinking. Exuding all these qualities is a high-performing professional, who first took over the music industry, working dedicatedly as a music executive and now has been making a lot of buzz in the real estate business as an investor; he is Johnny Marines from New York City.

Since the beginning, if anything that he felt a close inclination towards, then it was the idea to create something of his own and make a unique name for himself in the entrepreneurial world. However, with this, music was also where his heart was hooked on to and to do something in the same, Johnny Marines entered the music world and worked relentlessly to carve his success story. Gaining knowledge, honing his skills and adapting to the changing trends of the industry, Marines emerged as a talented professional and music executive and worked as a music mogul for 18 long years in the industry. His skills and passion led him to manage renowned names like Romeo Santos, and prominent Latin music group named Aventura.

Even after being in the music industry for so many years and achieving massive momentum into the same, he felt he was still missing out on something he always wanted to do. His dream to create something of his own and to enter the entrepreneurial world was where he started focusing on and in 2015 got into the restaurant and nightlife sector. He went ahead to partner with Eddy G, known as the nightlife game changer and also originated “Barcode” in New Jersey. It has emerged as one of the most happening nightlife venues in the Tri-state area. To make his foothold stronger in the industry, Marines across New Jersey with Eddy G purchased several other properties to build restaurants and offer people different ambience and vibe that they can truly relish and enjoy.

Together they work with the business model where they purchase the property and then build the business on the land; hence they become their own landlords. Their upcoming project would be in 2021 with their new restaurant lounge named ‘HACIENDA,’ a chic Columbian restaurant in Elizabeth, New Jersey. This journey of his for scouting for properties took him deeper into the same and he realized the innumerable opportunities he can explore to create generational wealth through the real estate business. This motivated him to become a real estate investor through the development of buildings to rent out apartments. Along the journey, he met his partner Cesar Pina and currently they are working towards developing an 80 apartment unit complex. With this, they are also rehabilitating a Catholic school that they purchased from the Archdiocese. It would be used by the Board of Education for a Child development program in Paterson New Jersey.

Apart from this humble project, Marines says that there are multiple other real estate projects that are lined up for 2021. What sets him apart from other entrepreneurs is also the fact that he believes in making a positive impact on people and for this, he and his partners are committed to serving underserved communities.

Indeed, Johnny Marines stands are a true inspiration to many other entrepreneurs in the world. To know more, follow him on Instagram @johnnymarines.

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