Meet Jonathan Diaz: A Talented And Hard-Working Entrepreneur

Jonathan Diaz is a talented and dynamic entrepreneur who has founded and developed multiple successful businesses and companies including Code 113, Glossy Smiles, RealeHub and Credit Dyno. Most of his businesses revolve around helping other business owners make more money in their industry through automation, marketing, and branding.

He launched his very first company when he was only fifteen years old. Through his entrepreneurial career, Jonathan has worked with some of the world’s top brands such as Samsung and Crunch Fitness. He has also worked with various celebrities around the world.

Recently, Jonathan has expressed a lot of interest in SAAS (Software as a service). He is currently developing, a LinkedIn automation software,, a software similar to Loom but with additional tools to help businesses close deals, and, a Bio-Link software similar to Link Tree with sales tools to help entrepreneurs sell their products.

From an early age, Jonathan always wanted to experience the world hands-on so he left his parents’ house at nineteen. Ever since that, he became financially independent and learned a lot about financial responsibility. Jonathan says that it was the best decision of his life. Talking about his businesses, he loves being able to build systems, automation, and processes.

He has always believed that it’s important to be open-minded and not get attached to a particular idea. The best ideas are formed through exploring other ones. We shouldn’t let ourselves limit our thinking by falling in love with just what we have now. It is also crucial to never stop learning from our mistakes and failures. As an entrepreneur himself, this has been a key component for success.

Coming from humble beginnings, Jonathan made a name for himself in this industry by doing what he loves and using his potential to the fullest. He is an expert at going above and beyond the call of duty to meet customer needs. Jonathan has accomplished great things while maintaining a positive attitude that is contagious among his teammates. He has also faced a lot of hurdles to get where he is now.

The biggest obstacle for him is trying to convince other business owners that he is just as qualified at a young age. He overcame this obstacle by producing results and showcasing his talent. His parents always keep him motivated and he wants to fulfill all the promises he made to them.

The thing that makes him different within his industry is that he is focused on his network while building his companies. No matter what venture we want to start, it should always align with who we are and our core values. Jonathan aims to continue to grow and succeed by always investing 50% of his profits into new business ventures, continuing to develop his network and also focus on helping other entrepreneurs.

To know more about him, you can follow his social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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