Meet Jonathan Walters, A Young Black Innovator Changing the World

Young entrepreneurs are changing the face of the world. They are the brains behind most great ideas and they, therefore, offer solutions to some of today’s problems such as healthcare, electricity shortages, waste management, and unemployment. Johnathan Walters, the founder of Rascal Land Company, is someone you should be familiar with as he will be one of the sharks behind the popular Rascal Land cartoon television show scheduled for the end of 2021.

This young mind is redefining entrepreneurship through his groundbreaking ideas and shaping the way the youngsters of tomorrow perceive business and success. He has also created a mobile application, produced a clothing line and a coloring book to help teach numbers.

His intent is to create engaging, educational content for school-aged children in order to help develop their minds for a brighter future. As an entrepreneur himself, he started Rascal Land with the youth in mind and is looking to inspire and uplift the next generation. In addition to using his marketing and influencing skills to grow Rascal Land, he is a creative and expressive entrepreneur and has the natural ability to lead the youth.

Johnathan Walters grew up in Chicago, as a strong student, but struggled with getting out of trouble in school but moving into adulthood, he walked from his troubled past into building his successful company. He never let his struggling past stop him and began his career making tie-top moves. All it takes is a unique idea and tenacity for building a successful foundation of a business. This inspirational innovator has managed to motivate countless people and hopes his story will also inspire other youths.

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