Meet Judge Graham, the Action-Oriented Entrepreneur Behind 8 and 9-Figure Exits

To the average eye, Judge Graham might seem like any other person from Houston, Texas. Growing up, Judge went to school and was always a young hustler. He was always making money from a young age, hustling pencils, watches, and beepers at school. After going through school, he decided to further his education at Texas Christian University.

While attending TCU, he played football. Graham was always a skilled football player throughout high school, but quickly realized he was a solid backup player in college. With that conclusion, he put down his football helmet and picked up his books. At the time, TCU was offering a new degree called E-Business, which consisted of core competencies in finance, marketing, and computer science, and he jumped on it. While still attending TCU, he started a website development company with his best friend. The company grew fast but eventually failed. The reason for the failure was simply one reason: there was no recurring revenue

With the failure of his first company, he realized he needed to master recurring revenue to build an ultra-successful service-based business so that he did. The next company he went on to start was a digital marketing agency. With his digital marketing agency, he found recurring revenue. His second agency was a massive success, with hundreds of employees and working with massive companies. He eventually went on to sell it, though, for a whopping high 8 figures.

With his big exit, his mindset changed when he realized he wasn’t selling a service or product; he was selling revenue. Judge realized that if he could make businesses a massive return on the money they gave him, he’d always be in business. From that, he went on to help build another agency, building it the same way as his last, just moving faster. He helped grow a company with thousands of employees and blue-chip clients. He then helped sell that company for a massive 9-figure exit. 

Today, Judge is focused on helping business owners. He is helping them through his various books, programs, social media, and speeches. Above all, Judge is a focused individual who scaled with speed and saw massive results from it.

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