Meet Justin Wu: Web3 Community Builder and Growth Hacker


Justin Wu is a Web3 community builder and growth hacker with a background in e-commerce and marketing technology. In a previous life in Web2, Justin began his career by creating his startup, Vitamin, a platform designed to automate email campaigns and landing pages, offering users an all-in-one marketing tech solution.

Justin first encountered crypto in 2014, when he started trading Doge and Bitcoin. Soon after, he became interested in Ethereum, learning about smart contracts and their potential to activate decentralized applications. In 2017, Justin decided it was time to drop all of his Web2 projects to go all-in on working with different blockchain projects on their marketing and growth. 

“I really wanted to see if crypto was having a second run, if it was for real or just a scam. Just to see what’s really going on! And the best way to really understand anything is just to go all in and work in the industry and see for yourself.”

Justin started hosting conferences, such as Seattle DevCon, where they brought in small speakers to grow the communities of various projects. “The goal for it was to kind of bring everybody from all different backgrounds, different chains all together in one place.” Justin recalled.

Fast forward to the present day, Justin has since launched Dcentral, an events facilitator brand that encompasses everything related to Web3, including NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs. Dcentral aims to provide a one-stop-shop for all things Web3, making it accessible to newbies interested in the field, and to bring those already residing in the space together to promote collaborative innovation in the industry.

When asked what the future holds for Decentral, Justin notes that gaming and metaverse is high on Dcentral’s focus list, but tells us about a brand new category which is sure to peak the attention of many:

“Decentralized science. It’s helping democratizing academic and scientific research across different categories. Some people are looking for fundraising. Some people are using it for means of connecting to a younger generation, especially since science still needs more marketing help – the younger crowd is able to evangelize and be more active.”

Justin explained that while the decentralized science movement is still in its infancy, it is rapidly growing, with even big pharmaceutical companies investing in DAOs.

“We’re inviting a lot of the academic, research and scientific crowd who represent a lot of different sciences from different researchers. We’re getting just a lot of different people that are outside of Web3 starting to dive in to come and share what they’re researching and what they’re building. 

The Dcentral CEO went on to highlight how bringing non-Web3 people into the conversation is crucial to advancing these fields, and that conferences are a great way to do that.: “I always think the best Web3 events are not where we bring only pure Web3 people in. I think we have to have discussions on bringing the non-Web3 people in as well.”

Justin’s journey into the world of Web3 has been a fascinating one, from the humble beginnings we can all relate to – trading Doge and Bitcoin – to building Dcentral and working with top names in the worlds of both Web2 and Web3. A meteoric rise which has surely only just begun; the future of Dcentral looks bright and we look forward to seeing where it will go next. With the focus on gaming, metaverse, and now decentralized science, it’s clear that Dcentral is not content with resting on its laurels, but instead is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Web3 space.

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