Meet Kanji Low, the Self-Development Mentor Transforming Entrepreneurs into Leaders of Industry.

With an abundance of business coaches, consultants and mentors out there, it can be particularly difficult to decide who of these you are better off investing in. The common programs with many of these coaches are ‘launching a business’, ‘scaling’ and ‘mistakes to avoid’. This knowledge is undoubtedly priceless to any entrepreneur, particularly those embarking on their first business venture. The technicalities these mentors provide are crucial to building a successful business, but what about the development of the personal-self into an effective business person and leader? One man who believes these elements are crucial to success is Kanji Low.  

Melbourne-based entrepreneur, business coach and mentor Kanji Low wasn’t always where he is now. Working day in and day out in a corporate IT role, Kanji always felt as though he was meant for more. Specifically, he felt that his energies shouldn’t be solely focused upon his side-hustles outside of his 9-5, but towards developing himself into the kind of person that could profoundly serve others. Through explorations of multiple ventures, from flipping Air Jordan’s to teaching languages, Kanji felt that what came most naturally to him was his ability to listen, develop and educate others.

Kanji now helps entrepreneurs and business owners become conscious leaders that positively impact the world. According to him, it all comes down to growth – how his clients utilise their self-development journeys, and how they will pass this along to others. “It’s not what the clients get or what I provide, ultimately it’s beyond us and is about what the clients will do to pass this experience to the people they serve,” Kanji says.

“Your inner experience is your external reality,” says Kanji. “When you change your experience, you change your reality. Our lives are based upon what we perceive and think. Every subconscious thought you have can keep you in the same place. Your inner experience is made up of your thoughts and your inner dialogue. If you allow yourself to feel you are not successful subconsciously, that’s what will appear. If you allow yourself to feel you are wealthy, opportunities and situations will arise to reflect just that.”

Taking the words of Dr Joe Dispenza, “If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself and reinvent a new self,” Kanji aids business owners into becoming, and falling in love with, the versions of their best selves. “When you are not of service to yourself, you are not of service to others,” says Kanji. “A question I always ask my clients that really makes them stop and think is: Who is missing out when you are not showing up as your truest and best you?”

 Having been through what many go through making the leap from a 9-5 role to business owner, Kanji is very conscious of what he imparts to his mentees. “A mentor isn’t someone who is more experienced than you,” he says, “but rather someone who has done more stupid things so you don’t have to.”  With aspiring and existing entrepreneurs entering the industry lacking purpose and clarity, feeling lost in life, or struggling to break the ceiling of their life and business, Kanji’s relatable experience with his own transformation into a successful business owner are life lessons he uses to help others achieve the same freedom.

 Working with committed individuals, Kanji synergizes with conscious entrepreneurs and business owners through his custom-made 1 on 1 private mentoring programs, a conscious entrepreneur community, as well as Xperience Online to transform their existence by unlocking their potential. A partner of Xperience Online – The Future of Self Development, Kanji has helped clients launch and scale their conscious business movements, achieving their first $25k and beyond, allowing them to transform their lives financially, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Xperience Online is a revolutionary platform created to guide its users through their journeys of self-development. The platform uses self development techniques such as meditation, visualisation, and expanding mindset and consciousness through a mobile app and a pipeline of future tech such as cryptocurrency, VR, wearables.

“The greatest gift I offer my clients is a true and deep understanding of themselves.” Kanji notes. Through his guidance, Kanji is changing the entrepreneurial world by aiding the transformation process of entrepreneurs into their most powerful selves, to become conscious leaders within their industries to better serve the world.

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