Meet Karmel Bortoleti, making it huge as a top model, actress and philanthropist.

She initiated her foundation, ‘The Karmel Bortoleti Foundation’ to provide support to incarcerated women.

The closer we look around us, the more we notice how different industries and sectors have always been about male dominance. Fortunately, things have really changed for the better across fields and more and more women are coming to the forefront of their chosen industries, proving their excellence and expertise in the same.

This is indeed a surreal sight to behold, looking at how women are pushing the envelope, challenging the norms, making their own rules, and thriving as true blue professionals. Karmel Bortoleti is all about this and much more.

Who is Karmel Bortoleti, you ask? This mesmerizing beauty and impeccable talent have made it huge in the modeling and entertainment world as a model and actress. Her charming personality, luminous face and her sharp features have astounded people worldwide. However, there is more to this beauty than what meets the eye. Karmel Bortoleti radiates her compassionate nature being the humanitarian that she is and also showcases her astute visions as an entrepreneur.

Talking about her journey, Karmel Bortoleti says that everything began for her at the naive age of 14, when she entered the world of modeling. Her sharp looks were enough for her to earn the opportunity to work with huge brands. This led the beauty to sign contracts with several well-recognized brands of the world.

She is a Brazilian beauty but has lived in various countries like Germany, Italy and Japan and now has made Miami, the US, her home. Karmel Bortoleti also is fluent in languages like Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Across social media, Karmel Bortoleti has proved her prowess and excellence, representing several noteworthy brands in different segments like well beauty, lifestyle, fitness, and even motherhood. Not just that, the Brazilian beauty also has spellbound audiences with her work as an actress, where she has just filmed her movie ‘Love quarantine’ and ‘Retribution’, which is soon going to be out in the summers.

As a compassionate soul, she also turned into a philanthropist with the genuine intention to support women and help rebuild their lives. This led to the initiation of ‘The Karmel Bortoleti Foundation’, a charity organization for everyone who needs a second chance, helping female ex-offenders get back into society.

On a parting shot, the astute entrepreneur, model, actress and philanthropist say, “My mission is to deliver a positive impact on anyone I cross my path with”.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @karmelbortoleti.

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