Meet Khalil Uddin: The Youngest Political Social Media Strategist in India

From his very early years at school, Khalil Uddin was inclined towards politics. He began his journey by working for the Samajwadi Party under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Akhilesh Yadav (Current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh). Uddin is so devoted that he not only works with them but he is also one of their party’s ‘Digital Power’ leaders (Samajwadi Party). In the present time of a global pandemic, there has been a lot of mass panic and depression, but Khalil knew his very duty as an active citizen with his ever-positive attitude. He understood that his immediate goal must be to protect and control the spread of the pandemic, while also ensuring food security and preventing more citizens from dropping below the poverty line (BPL). Not only is the Corona Virus a public health emergency, but the epidemic goes far deeper than that.

Keeping this in mind, Uddin and his hard-working team launched a campaign with the slogan ‘KOI BHI NA PARESHAAN HONE PAAYE, KOI BHI NA BHOOKHA SONE PAAYE,’ which translates as ‘No brother should be distressed, no brother should sleep without food.’ And this was said to be a revolutionary and courageous move. The campaign was so big that about 5 Crore people in need were served, beginning with a social media network targeting the entire Uttar Pradesh and eventually succeeding. Khalil’s initiative was highly appreciated and he proved to be a role model for so many young people out there. He has created a strong foothold amongst political circles and his approach or endeavors are specifically targeted towards the common man.

Uddin believes that more than anything, it is really important to be a kind person and wants more and more individuals to get motivated by him. His calculated risks and never give up attitude earned him an elite reputation in the political arena of social media.

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