Meet Kobenz, and We Aren’t Talking About the City

A lot of us are nostalgic for a musical genre that does not even exist. Missing the grunge of the ’90s? The primal energy of the ’80s? Maybe millennials miss the rap styles of artists like the late rapper Lil Peep, or maybe the emo kids’ of the 2000s preferences changed, but still, yearn for styles of the past. Fortunately, Kobenz, a rapper from Minneapolis, Minnesota has the talent and vision to combine them all. 

With just a few songs out so far, Kobenz is already upstaging musical norms by blending influences from Kurt Cobain, Lil Peep, Nirvana, and many more, reaching a wide audience with a complex musical atmosphere. He clearly takes after his inspiration, both in his artist name and the energy of his sound, calling his musical sound new, but also “dark, seductive, raw, and primal.” He is also humbled by comparisons to these artists, calling it an honour to even be mentioned in the same sentence. With aspirations like his and comparisons like these, it is clear how Kobenz stays motivated so early on in his career during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

His new song, “Gothbxch”, touches upon grunge and emo rap in a collaboration with popular artists like Spaceman Zack of Wicked, Kill Me Now, and In My Room. An ability to diversify his musical works with diverse genres of artists just shows how influential Kobenz’s appeal is and how strong of a moat his work has in the industry. He’ll certainly be here to stay. 

Drawing from his own life experiences, the music he produces tells the story of his own life, creating relatable lyrics within genres. Dropping out of school, overcoming mental health challenges, and dealing with toxic relationships, Kobenz surely has much to write about and offers genuine, authentic experiences in his work. 

His music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube Music, as well as various other platforms. With only 3 singles out thus far, he is already turning heads within the industry and is considered to be innovating the frontier of alternative music and rap. The three songs, “Gothbxch”, “Kobenz”, and “Garbage” exhibit the versatility of his talent and niche genre, with Gothbxch reaching a more gothic, angsty vibe and Kobenz coming off as far more chill. With over 5,000 monthly listeners at the start of 2021, Kobenz only has room to grow. With single hits like his, it will be interesting to see his first album and where 2021 takes him.

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