Meet Kyler Herndon: an Empowered Entrepreneur Creating her Own American Dream

25-year-old, Kyler Herndon grew up on the poor side of Dallas Texas. Despite going through some of the most traumatic experiences a person could live through, she has been able to keep her light shining bright and guide the way for others to create their own financial freedom.

Kyler, let’s start at the beginning of your journey. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
My cousin, Alonzo Herndon was actually the first black man in the United States to become a millionaire from opening up a barbershop in 1878. He moved his business to Atlanta with only $11 in his pocket.

My Great-Grandmother, Tiny Leona Hawkins was the first black woman in Texas to own her own nursing home. They both really helped the black community. I want to be able to do the same thing in this generation. Everything I have faced in my life has brought me here and it pretty much motivated me to want more for my life.

That’s a very inspirational way of thinking. So tell us about the business you’ve created. What is the concept?
I help people take five-year plans and shorten them to a couple of months, a year, or maybe even two years, depending on the person and their goals. I educate them on cryptos and other currencies with the foreign exchange market. I love helping others, it brings a smile to my face.

I actually have a mentee who has been through a lot in her life. She joined my business because she trusts me. Her trust made her start elevating in her life. She got an apartment less than a week into the business. She duplicated my successes and she felt amazing. I feel like it could do a lot of good for people. I have even taught somebody how to trade in 30 minutes.

So now that your business is thriving, what goals do you have for the future of Digital Money Makers, and for yourself personally?
Some of the goals I have for my future and for my business are to create generational wealth for my twin children and travel the world with them. I want to give back to the community, helping the homeless get back on their feet, making a way for single mothers and fathers to succeed.

Help to keep the black community at peace and out of the streets. I want to impact millions of people. I wanted my business to continue to grow, even when I’m gone. I want to leave a legacy behind helping others to achieve the same successes I had.

Those are some admirable aspirations. Getting to this level of success must have had its share of setbacks. What kind of adversities did you face growing up and growing your business?
Growing up, I went through a lot. My mother had me at 14 years old, she wasn’t going to go through with the pregnancy, but thank God, I am here. Unfortunately, she was kicked out of her home and had to move in with my drug-addicted aunt.

I almost died during that time but thankfully as I got older I moved in with my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather. They did the best for me that they could, I was raised in a nice home. They’re great people, they love to help others. My Great Grandmother is a good person. She is the kind of person that will feed the whole neighborhood, you know?

Over the years I would go back and forth between my mom and dad. I had a sister and she passed away. She had gone missing and we were not able to find her for a year. Her name was Alexis Woodard.

I went through being raped, being homeless and pregnant with twins. I went through a domestic abuse relationship, but I never let any of that stop me from becoming successful or from believing in love.

For my business, I would say, you know, I took a lot of losses, but I took those losses to create more wins. I had people leave my business without even giving it a chance, but those losses motivated me to become better, go harder and figure out what I needed to do to be a better mentor.

Thank you for sharing your story, Kyler. In closing, give us your best pieces of advice for the aspiring entrepreneur.
First and foremost, Keep God first with any and everything that you do. God gives his strongest battles to his strongest soldiers. Number two, God has a plan written down for everybody. Sometimes he lets us bump our heads when we’re not listening and not being obedient, so pay attention. Number three, when you quit, that’s when you have failed, but when you don’t give up, that’s when you win. Never give up.

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