Meet Lara Darwish, a Certified Coach Changing Many Lives

Lara is a passionate educator and certified coach whose unwavering belief in education and knowledge drove her to dedicate most of her time to developing herself in those fields and consequently, sharing her knowledge with others.

She is also acknowledged through her speaking engagements, for her exceptional communication skills and her power to connect with minds, empowering others to believe in their ability to change and lead their lives towards their goals.

Her years of training, expertise on the subject, and above all the struggles she faced in her own personal life, enables her to comprehend her client’s struggles and attend to their concerns accordingly through one-on-one sessions. Lara was always passionate towards education which she calls, “the greatest means to distance ourselves from mediocrity”, and that drew her towards the fields in which she excels exceptionally well at.

She comes across as a passionate educator and a certified coach who is driven by results, and dedicates her time to these fields where helping others grow and become the best version of themselves became her top priority. The joy of sharing her knowledge with others and observing how they become empowered by their own transformation, fuels her passion and gives meaning to everything she does per the coach.

We humans are constantly changing, whether biologically through aging or mentally through our own experiences. Yet positive change doesn’t happen by default, we need to put the effort and time to develop ourselves in a way that enables us to pursue our dreams and reach fulfillment.

She adds that Long-lasting positive change is only possible if we are willing to challenge our personalities, especially in such disruptive times, where uncertainty is the only thing that feels certain. This is where she steps in, to help her clients rediscover themselves and challenge their limited beliefs, what she describes as the, “source of what is holding us back”.

The life coach states that she has a tremendous belief in the fact that we all possess what it takes to live our best lives, yet we hinder that by having the wrong mindset. As a consciousness facilitator, she strives to help others live consciously and break through the barriers that hold them back, using neuroscience to help her clients understand that lasting change happens at a cellular level within us before anything else.

“We all want to be happy, and I believe that happiness is the ultimate goal and purpose in life. No matter how we find or define happiness, it cannot exist unless it includes others. When we share our happiness it multiplies and amplifies.” Adds the life coach.

Through her 1 on 1 coaching sessions, Lara helps her clients, who are eager to change and grow, reach their goals offering them guidance, support, and structure.

My aim is to enhance and propel the leader we all have within through self-discovery and mind mastery, once my client is able to see in themselves what I see, they become unstoppable in the pursuit of their best life.

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