Meet LA’s New Gathering: Heritage LA

Over 3.967 million people in Los Angles many people love attending events, shopping, gathering in churches. With COVID-19, everything is virtual. There is a new gathering that just opened recently in LA alongside Jonathan Bernis and Jason Manarchuck. We caught up with them on everything about their gathering.

What can we expect from heritage this year?

Jason M: Authentic people enjoying God’s love together. We already have a wedding, 2 b’nai mitzvahs (coming of age ceremonies), 4 immersions in water and plans for gathering in person in upcoming month. What gets us very excited is the Jewish holidays on the Hebrew Calendar – these are festivals that have been handed down by God himself and they are really rich community experiences. For example, the Passover is approaching late March and we’ll be doing a Seder in 60 minutes or less! (typically 2-3 hours).

What are you excited about opening your church up in the Los Angeles area?

Jason M: L.A. really is an eccentric city, with a wide range of creative and cultural expression. We believe that God’s ways can be described as ancient paths of faith, lead us to His son, Yeshua the messiah – and He loves and unites all cultures, genders, personalities and families! We are already seeing a genuine and bright group of leaders and creatives living out their faith in inspiring ways.

What is the most exciting thing about planting in Los Angles?

Jason M: First, their is such a regional pride here – we have so many iconic places and venues like Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, the Lakers, the Dodgers and the head of fashion, trends, music, media and the list goes on. Next, it’s also a place that is so large, spread out with so much to do, whether entertainment, weather and outdoors… that the need for community and genuine connection with friends, family and spiritual renewal continues to loom. We’ve seen spiritual expression and confusion side by side. We’re happy to say that the love of God is at work drawing people to Himself. Pray for us as we show up one day at a time to these hungry, talented people.

You can keep up to date with Heritage LA at Instagram heritage_la and

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