Meet Lizzy Molina, the Entrepreneurial Genius Taking People, Brands and Businesses to the Next Level With ‘Thrown Media’.

The closer we look around us, the more we would notice how things have rapidly changed and for the better across industries and sectors of the world. This comes as a surreal sight to behold, looking at how different individuals and professionals, especially female entrepreneurs, have been making every possible effort to reach out to excellence and gain the expertise they desire in whatever they choose to do in their lives and careers.

The media and the marketing industry is one, which so far has welcomed many such talents, but one name that has been buzzing high in just a few short years is Lizzy Molina.

Who is Lizzy Molina, you ask? Well, this incredible female entrepreneur is the co-founder of her company named ‘Thrown Media’, which is all about PR, consulting and many other media and marketing services that aim to provide the buzz, attention and prominence clients need to scale their brands and businesses.

It is a PR and media production firm, including creating docu-series, micro-series, podcast, music videos, most importantly, focusing on visual storytelling. Her company has gained even more name and fame in the industry because it has earned a variety of clients, which also includes famous athletes and celebrities. This comes as a huge feat, considering the company was initiated only in 2019.

Lizzy Molina confesses that since a very early age, she knew she had a creative soul and was always attracted by the media and the marketing world. This is why she studied Public Relations/Image Management and earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami.

Today, her independent public relations consulting firm, Thrown Media, has become a go-to boutique agency for creating and executing digital media across various multimedia channels.

What has helped made Thrown Media become so successful in such a short period is their ability and prowess in crafting the perfect video narrative that any audience can fall in love with, which has allowed them to thrive as a PR, digital marketing and consulting firm in Miami, the US. Lizzy Molina proudly states that she feels passionate about storytelling and understands that her client’s vision comes from a vulnerable place, waiting to be crafted into a masterpiece.

She has a passionate team just like her that includes videographers, photographers, editors, copywriters, producers, publicists, social media experts, and more. Also, she believes that no other marketing agency produces content like them. They also thrive on their powerful business models and branding and marketing campaigns.

Lizzy Molina is excited about her documentary series named ‘Remaining Relevant’, produced by Thrown Media for a famous interior design client. They will also be having their own reality show on HBO, which is in pre-production currently and, will also be launching an E-course masterclass on Marketing / Branding and PR.

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