Meet Logan Simmons, Founder of Volume Digital, One of the Largest Digital Marketing Companies in the Music Industry

Logan Simmons is an entrepreneur, celebrity, and marketing guru who has revolutionized traditional music marketing with his groundbreaking technology and tactics. Simmons accredits his success to his early experiences in digital marketing, sales and the consistent travelling he did as an adolescent. Logan was born in Sioux City, Iowa, however, spent his early years travelling the country with his family while his father did electrical work on the wind turbines. Logan also spent his summers as a youth, travelling to buy and sell antique toys online with his uncle, who you may recognize as the Disney Expert on the History Channel reality show Pawn Stars. Simmons’ early experience in travelling, online sales and digital marketing helped him advance and accelerate in the digital world. Simmons lived in a total of 7 states before graduating from Seminole Ridge High School in Loxahatchee, Florida.

Shortly after graduating from high school, Logan found himself working with various tech companies and startups providing sales, sales management and digital marketing solutions. After a few years, Simmons yearned for a change of scenery and relocated to Newport Beach, California. It wasn’t long before he met and partnered with his current business partner, Zach Conely. Together, they run Volume Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency serving the music & entertainment industries. Volume specializes in digital artist development & release support services for several major record labels including Warner Music Group, Top Dawg Entertainment and more. In addition to label clients, Volume has provided marketing solutions for thousands of independent artists including Joyner Lucas, Reason, Famous Dex, BMW Kenny, PapiTHBK and more.

When asked how he was able to accumulate such great success, Logan Simmons states “work hard, be kind, believe and do – everyone has an equal opportunity to do anything in this life, but most are afraid to fail. It’s important to remember failure is just a part of the journey and to use it to keep you moving forward.”

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