Meet Lord Floran Royer: A Budding Screen Writer and Executive Producer

From working with Beyonce, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Lady Gaga as a VFX producer to acting in Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018), Awakened Dreams, to directing The Meeting (2015) and now working on the TV series “Rising,” Lord Floran Royer puts us in a trance with his talents. 

Determination Combined With Persistence

Lord Floran Royer, is based out of Paris, France. He comes from a different world, very far from screenplays and production. His writing journey started at 15, but it’s much later than the Lord will step a foot into the crazy world of TV. Having worked as a production assistant then post-producer, he has always wanted to write and direct and produce and has been into it for many years.

The Lord’s superpower is that he is very intuitive with his screenwriting and production. He has the unique trait of looking at the quality of his work and being completely honest with himself. He has refined himself and absolutely reached a greater level by exploring and self-discovering himself with the world around, before sharing it with his audiences. Now, as a VFX producer, he has access to the amazingly talented group of people who complement his work as a screenwriter and producer. 

Pulling All the Pieces Together

The Lord creates his masterpieces by drawing inspiration from everyday life, art exhibits, conversations, diverse people around him, etc. He shares, “As a gay man with some kind of exposure, I feel the responsibility to share a positive image and show that no matter who you are, who you love, and where you come from, you can go as far as you set your mind to. Believe me, you are what you make your mind to believe.” 

As a creative mind, the Lord considers creativity & imagination to be the most important factor in every career option. He is an incredibly talented man with multiple strings attached to his bow and doesn’t budge when it comes to making things happen. This sets Lord Floran Royer apart from his peers and competitors. He is known for many of his works but working with Beyonce on “Black is King” has been some of his most talked-about work! Watching his work has been so satisfying for the audiences, it is almost impossible to take eyes off his impeccable artistic work record. He is now on with full grit and determination to scale up his passion for writing, producing, and directing.

This magnificent humanist shares his best practices, “Be you, no matter what. Don’t be something you are not. Accepting yourself is the first step for society to accept you as well, and it’s completely fine if society doesn’t either! Over time you’ll attract the right persons by being your own self. Be passionate about what you do, and you will never have to worry about being relevant to others!”

To stay connected with Lord Floran Royer, check out details on the website & and get in touch with him on Instagram.

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