Meet Marko Danial, Owner Of The Viral Technology Page Techineer

Marko Danial_ aka Pharaoic

The social media revolution has presented many growth opportunities for many content creators. But only some know the innovative ways to take advantage of such options to shine in the digital world. Marko Danial, popular as Pharaoic, sets new standards in the social media influencing world with his viral technology page, Techineer.

Marko Danial is a multi-talented soul identified as an engineering student, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. He runs Techineer, which has recently crossed the mark of 1,200,000 followers in just a year.

Techineer is the fastest-growing tech page on Instagram, where one can easily find content related to technology, engineering, and science innovations. And it was all started by Pharaoic in 2020 out of his strong passion for engineering.

Pharaoic is a source of inspiration for anyone looking to shine in the social media world. Achieving such a kind of success takes a strong passion and courage to pursue a unique path – especially at such a young age.

Moreover, it also requires a person to possess a great understanding of the dynamically evolving social media world. This clearly reflects how deeply Pharaoic understands the social media algorithms. One of the secrets for the fast growth of Techineer is the presence of unique and knowledgeable content he posts on it.

This young entrepreneur has also shared that succeeding on social media takes a lot of effort and points out a few secrets to attaining immense popularity on any social media platform.

He shared that it is a must for every social media influencer to choose their content wisely. Unique and authentic content can only gain the target audience’s attention in the competitive social media world. In fact, Marko Danial states that it is crucial to maintain consistency when posting on social media.

Ultimately, Pharaoic expressed that one should not focus on results in the beginning. When he started Techineer in 2020, he did so out of curiosity and for fun. He did not intend on gaining fame, but he just focused on posting engaging content as much as he could.

Now, the young social media influencer has gained immense popularity due to the success of his Instagram page, Techineer. Marko Danial is expected to receive more support from his target audience and will continue to reach new landmarks in the digital world.

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