Meet Mayur Vora, Started Saurashtra Times to Fight Against Fake News and Got Success

Digital news portals are making their way through “Saurashtra Times” by Mayur Vora have surely made a mark by delivering quality news and making an attempt to abolish fake news circulating on social media platforms.

Saurashtra times was commenced back in 2017 and has received immense attention from the viewers for its delivery of quality content and in a unique way by its journalist Mayur Vora.

Saurashtra times was initiated with an intention to reduce the fake news circulating on social media as it negatively impacted viewers and to supply the truth via their digital news portal Saurashtra times dot com. The main objective of Saurashtra Times is to deliver news that create an impact on society rather than delivering content that does not add value to the viewers.

Four years down the line, Saurashtra Times is now one of the most well-known and trusted digital Gujarati news portal with more than 2 lakh followers and a whopping 60 lakh viewers on monthly basis.
Digital online portal Saurashtra Times has won the number of viewers that it did by the way of delivering truth and making consistent efforts to reduce fake news.

Saurashtra Times has taken various steps for the same and is currently working to develop various other portals that will deliver content across various genres to its audience.

Saurashtra Times is one of the portal by Saurashtra Times Pvt Ltd. that delivers the content regarding entertainment and business to its viewers hence making it accessible for young generation as well. Saurashtra Times has taken various strong and effective initiative such as the #factcheck campaign which acknowledges the viewers about fake news circulating on social media platforms.

Mayur Vora generated revenue of 30 thousand dollars and has set an example of using social media platforms in a vigorous way to spread positive news and make the audience aware about fake news. The duo has now become popular on social media platforms for delivering news with Honesty and integrity and taking a step to culminate positivity around journalism. With the help of social media Mayur Vora becomes a trusted and well-known journalist in the digital world.

With an increase in digital news consumption, it has become increasingly important to remove the fake news and negativity surrounding it and Saurashtra Times has contributed to doing the same.

With providing insights across various genres, it serves a variety of audiences and catches viewers’ attention.

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