Meet Michael Odom aka Spit Fyre, Arguably one of the Most Underrated Rappers

Like never before, the music industry has seen a crazy influx of artists emerge. Now more than ever, it’s harder to stand out. However, one rising star who has no problem doing so is Spit Fyre, who is finally getting the attention he deserves.

Hailing from Bronx New York, Spit Fyre gave new music to us this summer. The rising star Michael Odom aka Spit Fyre is on an upbeat vibe that takes listeners on an adventure. As a nice follow to his 2020’s hit “I Am Not A Racist”, his track “Diary To Charlie” brings fun along with good sound.

The artist with a versatile personality has not only tried his hands at rapping but has deep knowledge about Publishing, Owning his Master’s in Music and most important of all, he knows how to make the perfect breakdown of lyrics for his songs.

The artist has so far churned out many Independent albums along with a plethora of single hits. Just months after his explosive performance in Queens and his most well-received song from 2014 “Pray For Lamar”, the rapper has fans buzzing once again after his latest project.

He started his rapping career from a very young age and almost got signed to Fat Joe’s Terror Squad when he was merely 11 years old. Not only this, the very same year he got the opportunity to sign with Cuban Link as well.

Spit Fyre’s rapping career has been an uphill battle which started when he was just 9 years old. His plans for 2021 are to focus on the unreleased music that was delayed or kept in his music vault for the time.

Take a listen to your new favorite song “Diary To Charlie” on Spit Fyre’s YouTube Channel. Nothing but good music comes from Michael Odom, aka Spit Fyre, being a man of many talents.

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