Meet Naimi Shah – India’s Emerging Social Media Influencer Whose Work Has Taken Her to the Top Of the Game.

With the advent of the digital era, many innovative methods of getting across a wide audience base have been introduced. Digitisation has come to the forefront in this technologically advanced new age. The internet is used more than ever across the globe and social media has gained maximum prominence when one talks about the digital world.

Many users are found spending their time on various social media platforms when they’re online and this has given rise to Social Media Marketing in a big way. It is one of the best marketing mediums that can reach a huge audience base across the globe. With Social Media gaining prominence, the demand for Social Media Influencers has also skyrocketed giving rise to experts who can work wonders with their influencing skills.

We have in our midst many such social media influencers who have created a huge impact but one name that has emerged as one of the best in business is that of Naimi Shah, who has aced the craft and emerged as the most sought after Social Media Influencers of current times.

Naimi Shah hails from Vadodara, Gujarat, and today is a successful and the most influential fashionista and travel blogger in the country. She has excelled in her work as an Instagram influencer who has done exceedingly well in her area of work. She is more famous for her travel vlogs which are interesting to the core and has generated much buzz amongst netizens.

“I have always been a travel buff and now my work demands me to travel to different places and capture the essence of various cities which is extremely satisfying as I have found my passion in my my work, and I’m loving it,” says Naimi. Apart from her travel stories which are a hit amongst her followers, she is also a big follower of fashion and that reflects in the trendy attires that she dons in her photos and videos, which are amazingly stunning.

Her fashion skills are so polished that one can proudly term her as the perfect fashionista. She stands as a true inspiration for many youths who want to spruce up their fashion sense.

Her Instagram account “that bollywood gurl” having a tremendous follower base of 28.5k makes her the most popular social media personalities, without any doubts.

Follow her on Instagram@thatbollywoodgurl to know more.

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