Meet Naufer S Mohideen: A Self-Made Entrepreneur and The CEO of Evergreen Fitout Contracting Wll Qatar.

Isn’t it always amazing to learn and know about all those individuals who believe in pushing the boundaries and facing every hurdle with a strong resolve to emerge as winners? All these individuals have shown what it really takes to become the best in the business and, in the process, also enhance their skills to be better each day.

The strong entrepreneurial spirit and passion have what helped most of them to rise above others in the business world, gaining them their desired success. Creative fields like interior designing are the ones that so far have welcomed many such talented beings and one name that has been creating a lot of buzz lately in the same is Naufer S Mohideen.

His journey is influential and instills more hope and positivity in others, motivating them to believe in their dreams and get all-in, in what they want to pursue in their careers. Naufer S Mohideen’s journey is filled with many things that can inspire other young talents of the world to take over their areas of interest and create a career of their choice, the way they wish to create.

Starting from scratch: Naufer S Mohideen reveals that he belonged to a humble family background from a village named Arugambay, Pottuvil in Sri Lanka. In 2002, he began with social activity services which earned him only Rs 500 monthly.

Also, he was the elder child in the family and had many responsibilities on his shoulder. Hence, it was natural for him to have big dreams for him and his family, where he could provide well for them. Naufer S Mohideen always dreamt of moving to the Middle East as he felt he could get endless work opportunities to fulfil all his dreams.

Moving towards his dreams: His resilience and his hunger to find his definition of success in his career helped him move to Saudi Arabia, where he made significant efforts towards turning his dreams a reality.

Later, Naufer S Mohideen moved to Qatar and worked for 7 years in one of the leading interior design companies, earning great business knowledge and also the courage to start something of his own.

Living his dreams: Naufer S Mohideen says that individuals sometimes have to make certain tough decisions in life in order to move to the next level. He did the same when he left his job and began working towards his interior designing ideas like the walls and floors solutions, innovation with the future concept of LEED, Green, and Recycle content of the business idea.

This resulted in his now leading interior design firm named ‘Evergreen Fitout contracting WLL’. It is an established ISO certified company running successfully for 5 years already.

Transforming the industry: His company today is one of Qatar’s most emerging interior companies as it also transforms the total design of a building. Naufer S Mohideen is now planning to launch his production and supply of walls and floors products in Qatar. The firm is trying to make it huge across the Middle East, especially in Qatar, the works of which are already in full swing.

On a parting shot, the ace interior designer and entrepreneur says, “Interior design is a business of trust; not everyone can do it.”

His hardworking and determined viewpoint made him an inspiration for the youth of the generation where most of the people are busy with other unusual stuff, he is busy in building his empire. we yearn him to reach the greatest height of success.

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