Meet Naye Songz: A Self-Made Mogul Who Wears Many Different Hats

Eboné Liggines, better known as her stage name Naye Songz, balances multiple roles during a work week as an entrepreneur and recording artist.

The beginning of one’s entrepreneurial journey can seem daunting at first. Starting a new business often times requires an extreme amount of patience and dedication. A new business owner usually does most of the ground work from the start, taking on multiple roles in their business. This is true for rising artist, entrepreneur, and public figure Naye Songz.

Naye takes on a lot of different roles as an entrepreneur. She likes to refer to each role as wearing a different hat. “As an entrepreneur, you are probably going to start off wearing majority of the hats in your company,” said Naye Songz. “You might have to be the graphic designer, content creator, photographer, and more. Or at least, that was my journey.”

Naye’s day to day hustle completely depends on what needs to get done during the day. The artist owns multiple businesses including a lifestyle clothing brand called Sizzle Szn, and a production company with which Naye produces television/film content. She is also a full time recording artist, more recently working on new tracks.


Sizzle Szn
Naye Songz’s clothing brand Sizzle Szn includes a toddler line.
Sizzle Szn
Sizzle Szn’s women’s line

The rising mogul points to the early moments in her hustle as being some of the most important and defining pieces to her career. It was nights where she felt alone, and overwhelmed that built her into the person she is today.

“I always felt like I didn’t have enough support from my family or my wife at the time,” said Naye. “I had days and nights were it literally felt like I was running the businesses by myself. I had to recognize that although they had good intentions to help, it just seemed like it was never enough time in the day to help me and still have time to do everything that needed to do for themselves.”

Naye Songz
Pictured: Naye Songz

While there were times she wanted to give up, Naye can look back on her struggles with excitement for the future. A future that has a bright outlook. “I see myself still being a student of life but obtaining success on so many different level,” said Naye. “I see all businesses pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly, being able to pay off a few college student’s debts, and continuing to inspire people all over the world.”

Naye Songz has been actively working on new music in the studio and plans to drop a few new singles through her partnership with UED Music Group and Sony’s Orchard branch. Sizzle Szn just launched a new spring and summer collection on their website, keeping Naye busy as well. Naye is also in the middle of writing a new book called “How to Maintain the Upgrade.”

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