Meet “NonyKingz”, One and only Consistent Afrobeats musician in Iceland

According to his recent interview, where he narrated about his experiences and challenges putting African music on the map especially where Afrobeats music is rarely recognised.

He said, Afrobeats genre is a worldwide known music genre but still rarely know in Iceland due to we are just a small nation whereby  everything is kind of limited if you know what I mean.

I was born and raised in Nigeria but I’m Icelandic by Nationality and I started music at an early age of my life but officially began making music professionally in 2016 .

My Experiences was quite challenging because I am the only one making something way too different from every other musicians in iceland which made it hard for me coming up into the game at first.

I wasn’t the first to do Afrobeats music in Iceland but I am the only one right now holding it down for straight five and almost half years. There were few Africans that base in iceland who made Afrobeat music in the past but couldn’t move forward because of the frustration and no opportunity for them to showcase the beautiful sound from Africa but my case was different because I tried a lot of stuff to fit in at first just to be part of the industry but experienced a lot of discrimination and all so I channelled  my energy else where,

I mean I started focusing on pushing my music outside icelandand further wide and that’s what brought me to where I am, Even now I am being recognised in iceland  even though I don’t get much of that support compared to the supports I get from other nations.

What inspires me to make music is mostly is my emotions, environment and life experiences both good times and bad times.

I just released a new song which I called “FIA BURN”  and inspiration behind this song is just a positive feedback to all of the bad Energy and negative words said to me and all.

Here is the song link:

I am working on an EP Album right now which might be coming out in few months time and I will be having a lot of collaborations in it.

What I want to say to my fans are that I appreciate all their love and support and I will keep doing my best to be better than I am already and I will always be giving out good music that satisfies the soul.

Here are my social media handle for all music platforms:


Thank you.

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