Meet PapiVersace, One Of New Jersey’s Brightest New Talents

Brian Moragne, better known as his stage name PapiVersace, has been around music his whole life. He grew up listening to a multitude of different music spanning multiple different genres. PapiVersace says it was his father who really put him on at an early age.

“My dad had an extensive music catalog from Drum & Bass to Rap & RnB,” said PapiVersace. “A lot of major role models in my life who loved music as well so knowing good music has always been a pride of mine. More specifically each of my 5 uncles were all into rapping as well & my youngest uncle whom I was closest to always challenged me to freestyle & write verses without cursing. So that’s how I got into writing music.”

Ever since beginning his musical journey by writing songs as early as the age of 12, Papi Versace has been on a mission to bring others together. For him, music is about bringing people together and establishing unity. “My greatest achievement as a musician would be ending beefs and rebuilding relationships through music and coming together in a community,” said PapiVersace. “I think it’s great when instead of using music as an outlet for violence, we use it as a device to bring people together.”

While pursuing his career as an artist, PapiVersace juggles also being a full time father. This aspect of his life can sometimes be a struggle, especially in the unknown world of being an independent artist. “The most challenging thing I’ve overcome in my life is balancing being a young parent & still pushing hard with a music career,” said PapiVersace. “This isn’t the kind of career that has set hours, there’s no guaranteed money & you lose a lot of friends over time.”

Despite some major setbacks, the young MC has been able to establish himself as one of New Jersey’s next up. PapiVersace has already amassed thousands of streams with his first release and continues to grow his fan base daily.

PapiVersace reportedly plans to drop new music soon, hinting at the possibility of a new project called “Phantom Pain” dropping in the month of March.

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