Meet Patel Rising Entrepreneur and His Influence Over Business District in California.

Meet Patel is a name that’s been bubbling in the business world for the last few years. These days all we see is generic Amazon sellers and dropshipping businesses popping up everywhere. Meet stood out with his numerous ventures. He is an investment banker, a real estate entrepreneur, and a podcast host.

All while attending CSUSB. Furthermore, Meet is only 23 years old at the time of this interview. Which only adds to his credibility. On several occasions, he’s ranked as Number One Banker and Real Estate Agent by various sources.

His ventures do not stop there. He also owns Patel Estates, Patel Complex, and Patel Construction. Meet is one of the few entrepreneurs who utilize all of their business ventures together. As a Real Estate entrepreneur.

Meet Patel truly goes beyond the norm to redefine the term entrepreneur. This is seen in his investment banker side, Meet created an algorithm that makes 90% of his trades. The remaining trades are based on his gust feeling as he likes to put it. When asked what’s in this algorithm, he answered ” If you want the algorithm, you can follow my Instagram @Meetpatel63“.

That’s far since the algorithm is a trade secret. According to the managing partner at his firm, his turnover rate is the highest in the entire firm. Which blows my mind away!

When asked what is the rationale behind each of his career moves?

He responded. “I only worry about what I can control and plan accordingly because there is no such thing as luck in this world. I look at what and how it will affect me. Then I’ll ask myself, Does it line up with my morals? What is the Outcome, Time Frame, Initial Investment, ROI? After looking over the information, I’ll make my moves.

At only 23 years old, Meet has grown his business ventures with a strong foundation and background. The reason behind his growth as he explained. “I don’t have to be the best. I just have to be better than my competition. My competition just happens to be everyone in this universe. I view everyone as competition. I know everyone’s big on self-improvement and whatever else these fake Instagram gurus and life couch likes to portray.

Ya but, that’s not me. I will compare myself with others to track my growth accordingly. That’s how I see real growth by outworking my competition”. Meet Patel is a polarizing character, to say the least. He is willing to challenge the status quo. Only to understand the bigger picture. He is Smart, Charming, Courage, and Passionate.

Meet is drawn to change like a moth to a flame, Best-in-class. He’s looking towards the
future, setting ambitious goals, and often relies on his intuition. Meet Patel takes initiative, is quicker to capitalize on opportunities, and is more likely to take high-level risks than his other executive counterparts. Meet’s intensity and passion for growth and development make him charismatic and persuasive people.

To keep up with Meet Patel follow him on his Instagram @meetpatel63

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