Meet Payton Royce: One of the Most Exciting Transgender Actors to Follow in 2022

The current social climate can only be described as tumultuous and turbulent because even though many have become more progressive over the years, homophobia, transphobia, and racism still widely exist. As a result, several extraordinary activists like Payton Royce have emerged to help combat these dangerous beliefs and champion a more inclusive society.

Payton Royce is a Black transgender male who started transitioning in 2016, which was documented and viewable through Royce Networks. While he is now confident about his gender identity, this was not always the case. It took quite some time for him to realize that he was always transgender, and looking back, he realized that this was due to a lack of awareness on his part.

Reflecting on his personal journey, the inspiring individual quickly realized that his experience is not isolated. Unfortunately, the reality remains that there is a lack of representation for the transgender community in society and mainstream media, especially people of color and minorities.

For this reason, he has decided to make it his mission to promote transgender men of color like himself in a positive light. Even as a child Payton dreamt of walking down Hollywood Blvd knowing that becoming a star was part of destiny, but to trust the process to get there.

He firmly believes that the majority of struggles trans people go through is a direct result of society’s lack of awareness towards their circumstances, which is why he intends to put a spotlight on the life of transgender men of color. When people gain substantial knowledge about something, they become more understanding and, therefore, more compassionate. As the insightful individual eloquently explained, “Visibility equals awareness, and awareness saves lives.”

Motivated by the words of the great Les Brown, which goes, “Life has no limitations, except the ones you make or allow others to make for you,” he proceeded to fulfill his goal. Payton Royce started by amassing a huge following while starring on FX Networks  ‘Pose,’ as Wrath Khan. Payton has been one of the first transgender men of color to take on a reoccuring  lead role, and working with star-studded  cast which include directors like Janet Mock, Steven Canals  and actors like Billy Porter.  This spotlight has allowed Payton to pave the way for other transgender actors and actresses to be comfortable with who they are to continue to capture their hopes and dreams on the ‘big stage.’

He has since used his influence which was absorbed through ballroom, social media platforms and television to relay his call to action to the public and inspire his followers to join the meaningful cause. In addition, he utilizes these platforms to showcase notable trans men to the rest of the world.

He also posts informative content that aims to educate people about transitioning and other experiences that the trans community goes through. Sometimes, he even creates witty yet enlightening short videos as a response to ignorant and derogatory comments by some people.

Aside from that, he is also a bonafide bodybuilder and physique model. The fitness enthusiast loves to flaunt his toned body on his social media pages to encourage others to work out and take care of their bodies.

On top of being a social media influencer and renowned actor, Payton Royce has taken great strides in achieving his objectives by successfully crossing over to the mainstream media.

Ultimately, the thought leader and visionary knows that there is still a long way to go before the trans community and people of color get the exposure and attention that they deserve. Until then, he will continue to pursue his mission and entice more people to become allies.

Learn more about Payton Royce by visiting his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

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