Meet Platon Life Power Couple Daniel and Julia Tanner, Who Are Building A Legacy Through Crypto

Cryptocurrency is the new financial and technological frontier, with the potential to change the lives of millions of people. For power couple Daniel and Julia Tanner, founders of Platon Life (, a Central European fintech startup dedicated to introducing digital currency to both the general public and companies through a user-friendly secure platform.

It was an opportunity for them to grow a financial legacy for their own family, and a way to give other people an opportunity to do the same. Together they are working to create a better future by sharing with other people about what is possible, starting with cryptocurrency.

“We built it from the ground up; at one point we truly had nothing, we weren’t sure if it was possible. We are ecstatic to talk about where we are today because we want to share that if you believe enough, you can do it too,” shares Julia.

Daniel is the financial expert of the team, and the Founder of Platon Life, and brings a long history of business management and entrepreneurship, starting his first company at 18 years old. Julia, Platon Life Co-Founder, comes from a family of business people, engineers, and architects, and as a child lived all over the world, including a few years in America, giving her a unique global perspective and a great ability to connect with people.

The couple is parents to two young children and hopes to show them, as well as others, that anyone can and should be able to build a financial legacy. They strongly believe that technology and digital currency are the next big waves of the financial landscape and that cryptocurrencies will only grow, becoming widely used and accepted worldwide. Because this is an area that is so new and unknown to many, they have created a program that is intended to help people learn while they earn.

“When you’re talking about something like digital money, that sounds almost like nonsense, blockchain, crypto, this is not something people understand because no one is teaching it. So, if you’re going to do something so high tech and financial, then you have to teach people what it is,” Julia Tanner.

Platon Life is “a complex digital ecosystem combining different features and tools to help people begin to understand and use blockchain and cryptocurrency.”

They have developed an interactive program that teaches people from scratch what cryptocurrency is, how they can use it and provides a controlled ecosystem and community that enables members to grow knowledge as well as earn benefits through Platon Coin.

“Our company is for the next generation, we want to help people become financially stable, and have value, creating on this new digital platform, so we have created an ecosystem that gives people more value, more than just this digital coin, we make this touchable. We have education, rewards, a membership, an insured wallet, and we have a store, people can use vouchers to buy all these things. They can see how this digital currency can work for them,” Julia Tanner.

A huge part of the Platon Life mission is to show people how digital currency can make a real difference, they work to give back and show how digital coins can be used in different ways to benefit those in need.

Platon Life has made an impression globally working with huge names in technology like Microsoft and Broadcom and is the very first to offer an insured wallet, up to one million euros. Recently the couple was received by Pope Francis in Rome to present their free education project aimed at increasing overall financial literacy, with a focus on digital currencies and finance to his foundation.

Platon Life is dedicated to creating a sharing digital economy, helping people of all generations move the world forward, and build resources for future generations. Learn more about Platon Life, Platon Coin, and the Platon power couple Daniel and Julia Tanner on their website,, and social media.

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