Meet Pranav Das: This Indian Travel Blogger is Winning at Life

Leaving his lucrative job in an MNC, establishing himself as a renowned travel blogger, and starting his own digital marketing agency, Pranav Das chose to decide his own path and fulfill his dreams rather than becoming a corporate slave. He took the unbeaten path that most of us would hesitate. The journey hasn’t been easy yet it was all worth it.

Past Life- What Was It Like Before The Travel Bug Hit?

Pranav Das is a small-town boy, born and brought up in Cuttack, Odisha by traditional Indian parents. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Soon after graduating, he got a high-paying job in a reputed MNC in Kolkata.

Like any other ordinary fellow, he took the job and grilled in it for 3 years before he realized this wasn’t the kind of lifestyle he wanted and started exploring other options. He pursued MBA but soon dropped it because he found his passion- Travelling!

At this point, any typical Indian parent would find it outrageous to find their young 25 something son, a future breadwinner of the family take a major life-changing step like this. Fortunately, Pranav got the background support and nothing was stopping him.

On The Way To Become a Global Trotter- Starting Voyage Nomad

Travelling has always been a part of Pranav’s life. He extensively traveled solo and explored all the unseen and unexplored parts of the country. And he wanted to share his incredible journey and all the beautiful things he witnessed while traveling, with the world. That’s how he started his first-ever personal project, travel blog- Voyage Nomad.

Voyage Nomad started in 2015, is now one of the top travel blogs that have inspired many Indian traveling enthusiasts to pursue sustainable slow traveling and much more.

In this blog, he writes not only about his best travel tales but also shares his insights on how to travel on a budget, the most exciting holiday destinations around the world, tips on solo traveling, inspirational travel stories, and so on.

He got featured in many news outlets including Fox News, Urban Asian, The Telegragh, and  many others. He has also been invited as a key speaker to a few International conferences and webinars.

Not just India, till now, he covered most of Europe, Asia, North America, and Oceania. Being a wanderlust soul, he believes there’s a lot more to see and a lifetime isn’t enough. He will continue with his journey to help other aspiring voyagers and part-time travelers to find the best travel solutions and make their trips stress-free and memorable.

What makes it so engaging is how he never fails to add a personal feel to every blog he writes no matter how generic the topic may be. Personal views always inspire the most and there’s a lot to learn from the experience. 

If you ever dreamed to travel abroad but it seems far-fetched because of the financial constraints and workload, you have to check out Voyage Nomad for solutions and make that dream a reality. Just like Pranav did. 

From Travel Blogging to Digital Marketing: A Digital Nomad In Truest Sense

But it wasn’t easy to make a mark in a competitive world where many travel blogs and websites in the same niche were springing up. It needed more than quality content to enhance the digital presence of the blog. With rigorous networking skills and digital marketing efforts, he could curb the issues. 

Pranav Das owes a lot of his success to social media efforts to show more than what his blogs could. The stunning locations, cultural diversity, nature’s beauty, everything is quite evident from his Instagram handle @voyagenomad. 

Pranav is also an animal lover. He plans to work towards wildlife conservation and protection. You will find him raise the issues on Facebook and Twitter.

With time he gained enough expertise to start his own digital marketing agency and help other bloggers, small business owners, travel writers without compromising on his travel stints.

So while you are reading this, he may be sitting in an exotic location, sipping his tea and working remotely on his laptop.

A digital nomadic lifestyle requires making a lot of bold steps and faith in oneself. Pranav Das is successfully managing it and is on the path to becoming the best Indian Travel Blogger.

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