Meet Preet Raj, The CTO Leading the Wave of User Data Privacy

Preet Raj is a highly accomplished technologist and a rising Entrepreneur on a mission to enable transparency with data collection practices and give control back to the users on how their data is shared and used.

Preet Raj recently dropped Bakstage, giving brands worldwide the capability to host social interactions and communication right on their own websites and apps. Bakstage is a space for brands to connect and build deeper relations with their consumers while still having direct access to valuable user data which is used to personalize user experiences and spark more engagement.

What is Bakstage?

With social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, while you may be able to connect with the general public, the sites become oversaturated with accounts, run on algorithms that are out of your control, and hoards your own information.

Many businesses have come to demand more control, a stronger line of connection with their consumers, and a digital space entirely devoted to their brand. Bakstage aims to meet these businesses where they’re at, providing a space where they can truly engage with their audience. 

Bakstage allows its clients to convert their consumers to loyal fans and advocates of the brand, championing both the product and the brand’s mission. Bakstage is striving to become the gold standard for trust and privacy for consumers.

Bakstage is a no-code platform for companies to establish communities and host live streams on their websites within a matter of minutes. Brands using Bakstage get access to their Consumer Data Platform (CDP) highlighting consumer insights and consumer journeys more closely.

Brands in the current digital space, according to Bakstage, are overly dependent  on “walled garden” social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter for engaging with their consumers and building a community. As a result, they do not own any of their consumer data, don’t have insights into consumer behavior, and boast low engagement on their website and pages.

New features integrated into the application have the potential to enrich experiences for brands and customers alike. With changes such as advanced analytics, which allow consumers and brands to connect more easily through utilizing user data, and card view smart widgets, which allow brands to track user data more effectively, Bakstage reorients consumer data to the correct brands rather than sharing this information with large social media platforms.

Meet Preet Raj

Named one of the Top 10 CTOs to Watch in 2022 by Entrepreneur Magazine, Preet has always been in the driving seat of technology innovation and has been working with Web Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning since his early undergraduate days, for which he possesses multiple patents. He grew up in India, where he spent all his teenage and early twenties focusing on cool robotic autonomous programming and building advanced AI models before moving to the United States to pursue his Master’s in Computer Science.

Since then, he has worked for top investment banks on Wall Street like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley & J.P Morgan where he built and led the development of amazing tech for the Investment Banking division. After that, he headed engineering for Fin-tech, Consumer-tech, and SaaS startups, scaled engineering teams from the ground up, and built systems that generate multi-million in revenue.

It doesn’t stop there, he led the development of multiple award-winning platforms, FLYX – Best Apps of 2020 Google PlayStore, FX Hedge Pool, and best new venue initiative by FX-Markets to name a few.

He’s an industry speaker, a mentor and advisor to many technology startups, and an active member of many communities for startup founders where he lends his expertise and experience in building products, scaling technology, and teams.

For the past few years, Preet has dedicated his career to building solutions that champion user privacy and help organizations gain consented 1st Party user data. He has since built many proprietary Programmatic Data Collections units for running extremely accurate and consented targeted Ad-campaigns.

Finding Success

Preet Raj attributes his success to patience and collaboration with an excellent team.

“Success to me is doing things that you love with the people that you like. Entrepreneurship can be very lonely, finding the right co-founders/team is one of the biggest successes that an entrepreneur can achieve.”

As Preet Raj continues his work, it’s clear he’s constantly striving to push harder and harder to propel Bakstage, and continuously strives for complete data transparency.

If you are a brand that is suffering from low engagement on your websites and apps, then Bakstage might just be the right tool that you have been waiting for.

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